Dsc 1722

A Week in the Life of Mac Book

  • Ready for School

    Ready for School
    I was fully charged overnight and can't wait to get to school. I leave my power cord at home.
  • Help from IT

    Help from IT
    My "R" key fell off yesterday. I am visiting the great guys down in the IT Department to get fixed. I know some laptops that go for weeks or months without getting fixed.
  • Stickers are in!!

    Stickers are in!!
    The only stickers allowed to be put on me have arrived by mail - don't I look good? I love stickeryou.com
  • Afternoon Class

    Afternoon Class
    I have worked hard today. I need to charge at a charge table during class.
  • Basketball Game - Away

    Basketball Game - Away
    I am sad. I never get to go to any games or field trips.
  • Heading to School

    Heading to School
    I am in my Montcrest backpack, it seems a bit overpacked today.
  • Webkinz Alert!

    Webkinz Alert!
    Little sister wants to use me to play online. Too bad she cannot.
  • Morning Class

    Morning Class
    My backpack is under my desk as I work away. Four of my friends are at the charge table.
  • Backing Up

    Backing Up
    I am trying to backup my files to a new external hard drive, I shouldn't have waited so long. I need admin access, time for a ticket.
  • Recess TIme

    Recess TIme
    At recess I am never taken outside. I am usually turned off or kept on to work.
  • Lunch Time

    Lunch Time
    I am put away while there is eating and drinking. Many of us then charge in our class cart.
  • Power Stealer!!

    Power Stealer!!
    My user plugged me in to the charge cart to charge over lunch. A selfish user came along and unplugged me and started to charge their laptop. This is a big mistake!!
  • Winter Holidays

    Winter Holidays
    I am left at the school for two long and lonely weeks while my user heads to Arizona.