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A Little About Melissa Willis

  • Bo Willis' Birthday

    Bo Willis' Birthday
    Bo Willis' FacebookMy Dad,Edward (Bo) Willis was born in Greensboro, Alabama.
  • Vicki Willis' Birthday

    Vicki Willis' Birthday
    Vicki Willis' FacebookMy Mom, VIcki Willis was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Bo and Vickis's wedding

    Bo and Vickis's wedding
    On this day My Mom and Dad got married!
  • Melissa Kaitlin Willis was born!

    Melissa Kaitlin Willis was born!
    Yep, it was the day I was born. In Selma, Alabama on March 13, 1991. I was born in Vaughan Memorial Hospital to Bo and Vicki Willis. My dad was actaully serving in the Army and didnt get to see me for another 2 weeks. My Mom said I looked just like him and well I still do.
  • Austin Willis' Birthday.

    Austin Willis' Birthday.
    Austin's FacebookOn this day I got a little brother. Edward Austin Willis was born in Montgomery, Alabama, finally making me a big sister. Yea we Love each other!
  • Started School

    Started School
    Morningview School HomepageI started school at Morningview Elementary in Montgomery, Alabama. My first teacher was Mrs. Shelby and she was an amazing kindergraten teacher. Lets just say I spend the whole year with a purple apple for my conduct. Purple stood for talking during nap time. Well I still have yet to stop talking but I sure did learn a lot that year. I stayed at morningview from K5 to 3rd grade.
  • The Day I became a Christian

    The Day I became a Christian
    Dalraida Baptist Church HomepageThis day is the biggest day in my life! This is the day that I became a Christain and gave my life to him. This changed my life completely. It was on my 11th birthday at Dalraida Baptist Church.
  • Moving Day!

    Moving Day!
    This is when moving my family moved to mobile. We moved down here after 10 years in Montgomery. I was 13 and at first I hate that we where moving, but after a few months here I wouldnt have gone back.
  • I started going to Government Street Baptist

    I started going to Government Street Baptist
    Government Street Homepage This when I strted going to Government Street Baptist Church! I love this Place and the people in it. They are like my par of my family. I love getting to Worship and grow in Chirst with them.
  • My Sweet SIxteen!

    My Sweet SIxteen!
    I turned 16! My mom threw me a party and all my friends from school and church came. The next day I went to get my drives licinse and I got it on my first try. I was so excite. My first trip driving alone I when to Winn Dixie to buy milk.
  • Period: to

    My first Job

    During my senior year I was homeschooled. So I had the great job of being a nanny! I watched two kids Benjammin and Brooklynn. It was amazing to spend the year watching them grow up.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated High School! I graduated from Heritage Christian School with Honors. In high school I changed schools but was homeschooled my last year and a half. I was one of the 8 people that were graduating from homeschool that day.
  • Started College

    Started College
    South Alabama HomepageI sarted College at The University of South Alabama. GO JAGS! I started as an Secondary Ed/Math major. And later changed it elementary education.
  • Started Working at BuildaBear Workshop

    Started Working at BuildaBear Workshop