A Deep Journey Into My Life

  • My First Breath Of My Life

    My First Breath Of My Life
    On 5:31 pm, I was born in Ramkhamhaeng hospital. At 5:31,I came out of my mom's stomach and then my first breath was 3 seconds later.
  • World Trade Center Disaster

    World Trade Center Disaster
    Two terrorists hijacked two American Airlines (DC-10 and Boeing 777-200). Many thousands of people died. 900 from the planes and the others from the World Trade Center. Only about a 50 people survived the disaster.
  • New House

    We moved to a new bigger house. Our house is in a village called Mantana. It is not saw big. When we first came, it seemed so big because our old house wasn't this big.
  • My First Airplane Ride

    My First Airplane Ride
    My first airplane ride was to Samui. I traveled with Bangkok Airways. When I boarded the plane, I cried. Then my dad let me play with his keychain. I finally stopped crying.
  • My Chin

    My Chin
    I rocked a chair and I fell down and broke my chin. I had a few stiches and I was better.
  • My Fragile Head

    My Fragile Head
    I tripped on something when I was riding my bike and I fell off and broke my head. I had about 5 stiches.
  • Phuket Tsunami

    Phuket Tsunami
    A strong Tsunami hit Phuket, Thailand in December 2004. Followed by a very soft earthquake.
  • My First Fish Tank

    My First Fish Tank
    I got a fish tank which holded ocean fish. It's so beatiful because of the colorful sea creatures.
  • Bye-Bye Thailand

    Bye-Bye Thailand
    It was my first time out of Thailand when I went to Japan with my family. I was so excited.
  • House Redecoration

    House Redecoration
    My house was redecorated. We took out old furniture and put in some new ones. We also changed the walpaper because the old ones were very old.
  • My Own Bedroom!

    My Own Bedroom!
    I got my own personal bedroom and kept all my toys in there. I used to sleep there but now, I sleep with my parents.
  • Hudson River Runway

    Hudson River Runway
    Both engine failed and US Airways Flight 1549 was forced to land in the Hudson River. But no one had died.
  • Japan's Earhtquake

    Japan's Earhtquake
    One of the world's strongest earthquake hit Japan. It's Japan's strongest earthquake since 1930. It's also the world's strongest earthquake since 1903. The quake is measrued as 8.9 (9).
  • Haiti's Earthquake

    Haiti's Earthquake
    A strong earthquake hit Haiti. Many people died from this quake and a school collapse.
  • ZZZZZZ! Electric Huded!

    I was plugging in the fan and I got electric huded!