My TImeline

By brfoss
  • Birth

    My birth date was 8/25/93. My weight was 6 lbs. 4 oz. and i was 20 in. tall. This matched the average characteristics of newborn babies. I was about a pound light and was the right hight of average babies. I'm sure I had the six soft spots in my skull as well.
  • Period: to


  • First Steps

    First Steps
    I started walking at 13 months of age. That is a little early compared to the average age kids start to walk which is at about 15 months. This happens in the baby age of 12-18 months along with things like throwing and puting objects in their mouth. This is also usually when babies say "Mama" and "Dada."
  • First Fish

    First Fish
    I caught my first fish when I was 5. That most likely happened in the preschool years. Not only was I understanding stuff like time, space, and symbols, I was learning how to catch fish!
  • First Holloween

    First Holloween
    I was able to enjoy and handle walking around saying trick or treat to get candy pretty well. That was never too hard for me. A lot of kids are nervous and what not and I'm sure I was too, but not too bad. As long as i was getting candy it was all good.
  • Significant Physical maturation

    Significant Physical maturation
    This is when I first dunked a basketball. I had the mind set that the easiest way to get the ball in the hoop was to just dunk it. This may happen in the preschool years where your brain grows up to about 80% of its full adult size. With your brain growing so fast at that age that gives the ultimate explanation why dunking is the easiest way to get the ball in the hoop.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    My first day of school was at Pardeeville elementary school. It was a pretty big elementary school but also very old. My first day of school was also the day i turned six. Yes, my birthday. At this time I started thinking logically. I could do all the things in the early school years stage of childhood. I could do stuffl like organize my knowledge, classigy objects, and solve problems.
  • First Vacation

    First Vacation
    I went on my first vacation when I was six. This means that I was in the early school years age, So that means that when I was on vacation I was most likely organizing my knowledge, classifying objects, and solving problems. I know I was trying to solve problems when I was trying to find ways to get on rides that I was too short for. Didn't work though.
  • Join first team

    Join first team
    First team, started playing for the Montello Mustangs in 3rd grade. This is like the early school years in the stage of childhood. At around this time kids start to think logically. I thought very Logistically by going out for football.
  • First significant experience with death

    First significant experience with death
    My first significant experience with death was when my grandpa past away. I took it the news really hard even though I seen it coming. If this would have happened earlier I probably would have been really confused and not known what was going on. Since it happened around age ten i new completely what was going on and what had happened which made it really hard.
  • First notable injury

    First notable injury
    I broke my nose 7th grade year in a basketball game when i smashed it off the top of Bug's head. Like in the psychological development Independece and Resoponsibibilty, i should have known not to hit my nose off the top of bugs head.