My past

  • Babe pictures

    Babe pictures
    Memories because it was so many picture when I was little until present time.
  • my frist little brother

    my frist little brother
    Happy, proud so when he gets other I can play with him. and I can have a little brother to boss around sometimes
  • First girl friend at school

    First girl friend at school
    Fun to say I had a girlfriend to my older cousins and dad.
  • first trip to disney

    first trip to disney
    Fun enjoyable rides were exciting the things they had like shows movies and mascot.the people were nice and seeing micky mouse.
  • My first football game

    My first football game
    First youth foot ball game and playing on a foot ball team.
  • My first time on a basket ball team

    My first time on a basket ball team
    Auu program a basketball tournament at a cage in swarz creek.
  • The Hawaii trip

    The Hawaii trip
    Fun place to go for spring break. It has all the hot girls and the beaches were fun.
  • Valentine’s day

    Valentine’s day
    When I went to Dave-buster with my date played games went to the eating section and had a good time
  • My mom let me drive the for the first time

    My mom let me drive the for the first time
    I was nerves that I was going to crash the car but I was fine
  • My 14 birth day

    My 14 birth day we went to Belmont in Detroit and they had an carnvail
  • My first touchdown on freshman football

    We went against Milton I scored 2 times one for an 59 yard run.
  • Home coming

    Home coming
    My first time to an homecoming cause I was an freshman
  • Family reunion

    Family reunion
    It was in Arkansas a lot of my family was there .we played games talked and had a banquet
  • Al most set the house on fire

    I was cooking some pizza rolls in the oven left them in to long cause the oven to smoke set a little
  • Future

    FutureGo to Ohio state play football cause their a excellent football team. And close to my home