Haileys Timeline

  • Haileys Birth

    Haileys Birth
    I was born at 1:17 am on December 13,1993. I was Born in Merider Hospital. i weighed 8lb and 13 ounces i was 20 inches omy mom soon nicknamed me The Power Puker, because i was lactose intolerant and had to drink soy milk after a time.
  • One step for Mom! One Giant Leap for Hailey!!

    One step for Mom! One Giant Leap for Hailey!!
    I took my first step at My Mamaw Maries house. i was holding on to the couch and i let go to step over to my Papa. it was a big day for my family. i was the first grand baby ( And only Girl) so everyone was informed of my first step. i was 11 months old :)
  • Revenge of the go kart!

    Revenge of the go kart!
    When i was 3 my cousin and i hated each other but had to live in the same house. one day lil old me thought putting sand in the gas tank of my cousins go-cart would be great revenge for stuffing my Monster truck in the kiddie pool, later that same day after time-out i was was playingu in the loft, my cousin appeared behind me and shoved me down the stairs splitting my lip open."SHE'S A GIRL! SHE CANT HAVE A SCAR!..i need to get out of here" - aunt Linda(hates blood)
  • First Day of School! First Day of School!_-Nemo

    First Day of School! First Day of School!_-Nemo
    I was starting school :) i was so NOT pumped. i was in Mrs.Henkies class. My mom thought i would make friends with biys because i was atough tom girl who beat up eveeryone. But i had spent time with the kids in my class in pre school, Sam Towery and i became best friends and are still super close to this day.
  • Girl scouts!-double trouble!

    Girl scouts!-double trouble!
    Jenna Hosterts mom was the scout leader and my mom thought i needed to spend more time with girls(i beat up on girls).i was a girls cout! so was Jenna we became fast friends.we were devil girls1 but we loved it together we would torture the younger girls.i really didnt do much except spend time with Jenna cookin up plans.
  • The big mix-up at school.

    The big mix-up at school.
    I was in 6th grade before i had a real experience with death. My aunt Jan had gone to sleep and hadnt woken up. Gabby had heard someone in my family had had a car accident adn died adn other poeple had other stories to tell. i got really mad and slapped John R in the face. then mr.sauld called my mom and she came and told me the truth.

    I Remember finaly being tall enough to reach the top of my Mamaw and Papas fridge (before they got the bigger black one). i have alwasy been a short person so when i was 12 it was a BIG deal to finally reach the top of the fridge.
  • first "seriouse" hospital visit

    first "seriouse" hospital visit
    I had a fractured rib...two weeks later it turned into a plurall effusion, which is liquid in the chest cavity pushing on the lung. i was in the hospital until March15th. i had to hav a chest tube put in.

    The day Tyler M Riddle and i started dating :) i neveer thought one year later i would still be dating him. also the longest relationship i have had.
  • WHOOOPS!!!

    Freshman yr! my first homecoming dance.... i fell all the way from the top of the bleachers to the bottom... ALOT of people saw i t happen it was the worst moment ever!