Trevor's life

By ktrevor
  • Baby Trevor

    Baby Trevor
    i was born at U.W. hospital. i weighed 9pounds and 2 ounces, and my height was . the average wieght of a baby is 7.5 lbs. the average height is 20 inches. so i was considered a big baby.
  • first word

    first word
    my first word was moma. my mom was realy happy that i didn't say dada first. at about 12 months most babies can say simple words, like mama or dada.
  • first steps

    first steps
    i started to take my first steps on my own. my mom was really proud. she told everyone she knew. the typical infant will take about 15 months.

    (in this picture i am mutch older than that. there was no earlier picture.)
  • first pet

    first pet
    my first pet was a golden lab. i got him as a puppy. my parents let me name him, i named him lucky. i wanted to name him lucky charms, but my parents wouldn't let me. most children grow up with a dog or cat.
  • i became a big boy

    i became a big boy
    when i became a big boy, is when i was able to make my own breakfast, including pooring the milk. i was so proud of my self. things like this happen to all little kids like when they can reach a certain thing, or are big enough to do something.
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    my first day of getting to go to big kid school.(kindergarden) i was really scared. i was happy though that i got to ride the big bus. the average kid goes to school when there 5 or 6. most of the time they are either really excited or really sad.
  • first tooth loss

    first tooth loss
    i lost my first tooth. i was sad and shocked, i didn't understand that a new tooth would grow in its place. the average child losses their first tooth around 5 or 6.
  • first year of t-ball

    first year of t-ball
    my first year of t-ball. i was really excited. even though i wasn't any good. i looked forward to getting to play, and hanging out with my friends. alot of children typically join t-ball or some other sport when they are young. (there was no picture of me playing tball, so i used this one.)
  • first significant experiance with death

    first significant experiance with death
    my great grandpa on my mom's side passed away. everyone was crying and depressed. But i didn't know him that well so it didn't really effect me. i still felt bad. but i was young so i didn't really understand. when younger kids experience their first death they normally don't understand that, that person is gone, and never coming back.
  • first job

    first job
    i got my first job. my parents were really happy because now i don't have to ask them for money. the job was washing dishes at river's bend. a typical teenager job. most kids get there first real job between 14 and 17.