Tonisha's Development

  • Born

    I was born in the Rapids at 10:42 weighing at 7 lbs 6oz
  • 1st Steps

    1st  Steps
    This usally takes place anywhere between 12-18 months. I was 11 months old when this took place. So as you can see i was a little on the early side of walking and i think thats due to haveing an older brother and me wanting to do all the things he did.
  • 1st Day of School

    1st Day of School
    I went to Montello Elem during my Kindergaden years.
  • My little brother was born.

    My little brother was born.
    This was a major part of my life becaus as soon as much brother was born i always want ed to help my mother whit him and take care of him.
  • Lost my 1st tooth at the age 7

    Lost my 1st tooth at the age 7
    My first tooth loss. This usally begains to happen between the ages 6-12 where children lose their baby teeth.
  • First Club

    First Club
    At age 5, children become competitive, prefer gender appropriate activities and enjoy playing with other children. I joined Soccer in 3rd grade at Grand Marsh Elem. This was the first sport I joined. So although I was 7 at this age, This is the first noted activity that I competivly paraticaped in.
  • Major Surgery

    Major Surgery
    I was 10 when I had my first major hospital experince. I had my tonsils removed.
  • My first kiss

    My first kiss
    I had my 1st kiss with none other then the one and only Scott Busse, we were at his house, at his birthday party.
  • 1st Death

    1st Death
    My Great Grandfather passed away and this was my first real experince regurding to death and i was 12 at this time. This was a rather hard experince for me, one because i was my first time truly dealing with death, and for two, because i was really close with him.
  • My first buck

    My first buck
    My grandpa has always had a big influnce on me and he is the reason i enjoy hunting and fishing so much. So shooting my first buck was a big acchivement for me. (alothough its not as big as i may have wished it to be, thats ok) :)
  • My First Big Acchivement

    My First Big Acchivement
    I was sophomore and I was very interested in Fashion and Fashion Designing, so that’s when I began doing Fashion Design Competitions. That first one I participated in was I moved on during regionals and ended up placing 2nd at state.
    This is an important role in human development because by achieving goals, it keeps children thriving to make and reach them.
  • Onward to College

    Onward to College
    Graduating High School