• I Was Brn

    I Was Brn
    I was born on May 12th, 1996.I weighed 7.8 pounds and I measured at 19 inches. The day I was born there was a severe blizzard so my grandma couldn’t make it.
  • 1st Time talking

    1st Time talking
    The first word I ever said was "bus”. I said bus because my mom used to take me to the bus stop to get my brother and sister and say here come’s the bus. So one day I said "Bus".
  • 1st Time Walking

    1st Time Walking
    The first time I ever walked was at my family's summer house. I was thought by my grandmas maid. My mom was there videotaping it.
  • Started school

    Started school
    I started preschool at a church preschool. While I was there I met my 2 best friends. Mark Trombly, Kacey Davidson but both moved away. Kacey moved in 2nd and mark moved in 7th grade.
  • Learned to ride a bike

    Learned to ride a bike
    I learned to ride a big when I was 4. My older brother Alec thought me and let me have his bike after I learned how to ride a bike. I didn’t even fall off my 1st time, I kept riding then my brother stopped me.
  • I started Wrestling

    I started Wrestling
    I started in 2nd grade. My first year wrestling I went 46-6 and I made to regional’s. I am still wrestling to this day for Mt.Morris varsity wrestling at 103 pounds.
  • lost 1st tooth

    lost 1st tooth
    I lost my first tooth the day before kindergarten. I actually don’t know what tooth I lost first because my brother hit me and knocked both front teeth out of my mouth.
  • Got 1st pet

    Got 1st pet
    I got my 1st pet on Christmas 02'. We were at my grandma’s house and "Santa" walked thru the door with a kitten and we named him chubby because he was so heavy.
  • Started Baseball

    Started Baseball
    I started baseball because my brother played and I wanted to be like him. I was on the same team as my best friend Mark and we won the championship that year.
  • 1st time to Disney World

    1st time to Disney World
    When I went to Disney I went on a plane for the first time and I thought that was awesome. When we got there I pulled Pluto’s tail and everyone laughed. I went down there with my grandma, grandpa, and my cousin.
  • 1st time to Ceder Point

    1st time to Ceder Point
    The first time I ever went to Cedar Point I went with my Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, and my two cousins. Right when we got there they made me ride the Magnum Force.
  • Broke my foot

    Broke my foot
    I broke my foot while wrestling. I was wrestling someone my weight when 2 heavyweights rolled on my matt and crush my foot in 5 different spots.
  • I Got Braces

    I Got Braces
    I was in 7th grade when I got braces. My teeth before I got braces where going every which way, I was very nervous to get braces because everyone said they hurt very badly. And I'm getting them on January 3rd, 2010.
  • Broke my Arm

    Broke my Arm
    I was riding my bike down my road with my best friend Mark. Then I tried to do a trick and I failed. They took me to the hospital and they had to put me to sleep to reset my arm.
  • Started Highschool

    Started Highschool
    I started high school at E.A.Johnson Memorial high school in Mt.Morris. My first class was health with Mr.Ureche.