A. Rising

  • First internet exploration

    First internet exploration
    I was blissfully lost in a sea of words, viral videos, and for some strangely satisfying reason cats doing funny things. Bt I was so content.
  • Got my first dog

    Got my first dog
    Like any child, their first dog is a great gift and honor. We rescued her and her brother out from the street outside my mom’s work. She is a golden retriver. And dispite the picture, she is not even the slightest mean.
  • First gaming console

    First gaming console
    The NES was the first non portable gaming console I ever played, and I was hooked instantly.
  • Discovered The Gorillaz

    Discovered The Gorillaz
    My dad introduced me the animated phenomenon The Gorillaz when their single “Clint Eastwood” came on the air. I have been deeply "obsessed" for lack of a non-demeaning term.
  • Discovered metal (music genre)

    Discovered metal (music genre)
    One of the happiest moments in life is when I discovered the angriest music genre in life. The metal genre, filled with utter disgust, and rage for well anything and everything.
  • My first little sister’s birth

    My first little sister’s birth
    My first baby sister, Samantha Olivia, was born on the hottest day of the year. She was the first girl born into the family either side of the family since my mother. She weighed 6lbs I could not have been happier…
  • First successful computer rebuild

    First successful computer rebuild
    I had taken our broken p.c., completely took it apart, cleaned it, repaired it, and put it back together in working order. It was very fun, and jumpstarted a great, undivided interest in computers, and what makes them the way they are.
  • First successful engine rebuild

    First successful engine rebuild
    I had taken our broken snowmobile engine, completely took it apart, cleaned it, repaired it, and put it back together in working order.
  • I became an anarchist

    I became an anarchist
    I realized that the government runs everything only for money and control, and I realized how useless it all is, so I decided to become part of the solution.
  • First anime convention

    First anime convention
    I’m an otaku which is a slang term for obsessive anime fans. I have gone to an anime con for fun, and I cosplayed, which is short for "costume playing". it was spectacular.
  • My 2nd little sister born

    My 2nd little sister born
    I was wrong. Lily Rose was 3lbs, and born a week and a half premature, during the biggest blizzard of the year.
  • Second anime convention

    Second anime convention
    The second con I attended was free but also significantly smaller. But it was still very enjoyable. I saw more people then the first year though, and there were better events, like panels and movies, going on at the time.
  • I found spiritual bliss through Buddhism

    I found spiritual bliss through Buddhism
    I was going through a hard time, and spiritual and religious release was all I could find. So I decided on Buddhism so I didn’t have to “deal with the hypocrisy of the sects of Christianity” Little did I know I would become one of the most Hippocratic Buddhists.
  • Dad remarried

    Dad remarried
    After my parents’ divorce in 2005, my dad finally remarried for the 3rd time. He could not have been happier.
  • Favorite anime convention

    Favorite anime convention
    This con took the cake! I had a great cosplay, got allot of pictures taken, both of and by me. And I got to meet very famous anime people. My third, most favorite, and most recent convention.