• Clio dance team

    Clio dance team
    I was in 5th grade. We all thought it was something new. It kept me sproty,active but tiring.
  • Michigan Adventures w/ mom.

    Michigan Adventures w/ mom.
    It was cool to hang out with just family for a while. We rode rollercosters,ate at the restraints, went to the stores, and thought of that day as a big adventure.
  • Trip to Kentucky

    Trip to Kentucky
    My mom, brother, step dad, and I were In the car for nine hours. It was very hot and miserable. We made plenty of restroom stops, my brother and I broke the vending machine, we thought it was funny.
  • Water park with Kellie.

    Water park with Kellie.
    We went with my uncle Jeff, the water was really cold. T he slides were extreme and exciting! We slipped and sled. My aunt was very fun.
  • Sledding

    We went to a really big mountain in Kentucky. I went real fast, and when I got to the bottom, my face was froze.
  • Snowmobiling

    My Step dad and I were riding in my grandpa’s field. There was about four feet of snow.
  • Bon fire with step brother

    Bon fire with step brother
    My step brother and I were playing with gasoline. We decided to make a great big bon fire out back. It was warm and relaxing. I felt very cozy.
  • Meant Brandon

    Meant Brandon
    He makes me laugh so hard. We have a lot of good times together. He keeps me up and on my feet.
  • Tubing w/ salena.

    Tubing w/ salena.
    Two best friends on a boat went tubing. It was a hot summer day. We ate a bunch of food and went to have a blast.
  • Four-wheeler crash

    Four-wheeler crash
    My friend and I were going way to fast. She hit the brakes and we hit the ditch. I broke my wrist and was laughing at first. After a day it started hurting and I cried.
  • Freshman homecoming

    Freshman homecoming
    The dance was amazing. I hung out and danced with my friends. Everyone was excited to see me in a dress. Had a lot of fun even though it was really hot.
  • 1st Time ice-skating

    1st Time ice-skating
    Brandon, Darin, and I went to Iceland, it was my first time ice skating. I had a lot of fun, and I was really happy, although it was very cold.
  • Gun shooting

    Gun shooting
    It was loud and controlling. Shooting a gun gives me adrenalin. Sometimes it can be pushy. It feels extreme to pull the trigger.
  • 15th birthday

    15th birthday
    There was so much snow, it was very cold. We had snowball fights, and loud music. At the end of the night, I ended up with a broken window.
  • Four-wheeling with Brandon& Darin.

    Four-wheeling with Brandon& Darin.
    We were going fast. It was cold outside and I was freezing. We thought that the trails were interesting. It was the best time of my life to be with the ones that mean the most to me.