1. brother was born

Defining moments of my life

By ericv
  • First time getting sick

    First time getting sick
    This was the first time i ever got sick a year after i was born. I got chicken pocks and i definitely did not like that at all i was itchy all the time. It was a bad expierience of being sick.
  • Little brother was born

    Little brother was born
    My little brother was born and that completely changed my life having him around and knowing that i have someone that i can take care of.
  • Period: to

    My life

  • First time riding a bike

    First time riding a bike
    My dad tought me how to ride a bike and helped me put on my training wheels and man it changed my life. I could always get around much faster and it also got me into biking like going into trails in the forests.
  • First time visiting the Hospital

    First time visiting the Hospital
    The first time I visited the Hospital i had to get surgery to put ear plugs into my ears because every time I got water in my ears I would always get ear aches. That was so hard for me to deal with for so long.
  • First ever vacation

    First ever vacation
    This was a life changing moment when i was young and went on my first ever vacation to Virginia Beach, I loved it because i was with family and we had such a good time and there was never any fighting.
  • First time cooking

    First time cooking
    The first time I cooked was when i was with my mom and we make a cake and brownies and ever since then I just loved to cook.
  • First time getting suspended from school

    First time getting suspended from school
    The first time I got suspended was when i punched a kid in the face for not believing that I had dirt bikes and got suspended from school for a week, That really changed my life and reputation and I wish I never got suspended.
  • First girl friend

    First girl friend
    When I got into highschool I met this girl alyssa and we were talking for at least 3 weeks and we ended up getting into a relationship just 2 days after my birthday and I have to say it was a really good expierience for me.
  • First smoke

    First smoke
    First time I ever smoked was when I was with a friend at school and he asked if I have ever tried smoking and I said yes cause my older bro pressured me one day to try it and I didnt like it but I decided to give it another chance so after that one smoke I was pretty much hooked and believe me it changed my life cause I cant do any sport activities without taking a break.
  • First time getting arrested

    First time getting arrested
    The first time I ever got arrested was the summer of grade 9 and it completely changed my life and family life. I regret going out that night and going into peoples cars. My life was just changed and I really hope my life can get back on track.