Chris' Life Tingz

  • Chris' beautiful birth

    I was born in Richmond Hill Hospital on June 22,1995. I have an older sister and her name is Vivian.
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    Chris' Life Tingz

  • First Snowboarding Trip

    First Snowboarding Trip
    This is my friend Jacky. I met him in Junior Kindergarden and we have been really good friends ever since. We always go on snowboarding trips together and this is my first trip.
  • Camping

    I went camping with my church. It was a leadership camp and I learned a lot of skills I need to become a church leader.
  • First Paintball Tournament

    First Paintball Tournament
    This is my first paintball tournament I entered with my team. We are a new Rookie team who is sponsored by companies around Canada. Paintballing is my favourite sport.
  • First Trip to Beijing

    First Trip to Beijing
    This is my first trip to China. I went with my family and my grandma. We visited the Olympic Stadium in Beijing after the Summer olympic games of 2008.
  • Freshman Year at RGSS

    Freshman  Year at RGSS
    This is my first year at a high school. I went to a private school for almost all my life and this was a new change in learning for me. I am really enjoying it so far. My favourite class is Careers class and my favourite teacher is Mr.Tucker.
  • First day on the Job

    First day on the Job
    I was offered a photoshoot by a photgrapher named Jasper Lee. His parents are professional actor and singer and wanted me to do some poses for them.
  • Met the Simpsons

    Met the Simpsons
    In the summer of 2010, I went to Florida with my friends and family. As I was walking in Universal Studios, I came across my favourite cartoon characters. I met the Simpson family!