Dissolution of Marriage of Shultz and Shultz D10-02825

  • Harassing Emails from Respondent begin

    When I expressed the desire to separate and file for divorce, Respondent began sending harassing and threatening emails to me, as well as my family and friends, which continued through the summer, as evidenced by EXHIBIT Y
  • Period: to

    I, Petitioner no longer resided at 3609 Yacht Drive

    During this period I, Petitioner, rented a bedroom in the home of my sister, Kristy Purvis, at 4691 Toyon Rd., Riverside, CA Respondent's behavior became increasingly irratic and violent and I began looking for my own apartment in order to create a new home for myself and my sons.
  • CPS report filed against William Shultz, Respondent

    On or about this date Respondent's step-daughter, Christiana Rodriguez, age 20, made a report to Child Protective Services after visiting Respondent and the boys and becoming concerned about Respondent’s irrational and erratic behavior
  • Altercation intiated by Respondent

    During a stay with my children at the Respondent’s residence Respondent requested I have sexual intercourse with him and when I refused he became irate, screaming and accusing me of attacking him. He got on the phone to the police and said he was sending me to jail. He tried to block me from leaving our bedroom but I was able to break free and leave the residence before the police arrived. I returned to my residence in Riverside, although without my four-year-old son as previously agreed upon
  • Altercation Instigated by Respondent and Arrest

    Again Respondent instigated a fight, called the police and falsely accused me of spousal abuse. He seized my keys and shoes so that I could not leave the premises, and I was arrested by Contra Costa County Sherriff’s Dept. and taken from Discovery Bay to Martinez, CA on a charge of misdeamor battery against a spouse. Respondent called several family members including my sister, brother, my mother and stepfather, and my father and stepmother, and informed them I had been arrested
  • Period: to

    Dissolution of Marriage of Katherine and William Shultz

    It is during this period that Respondent developed at closer relationship to the Muha Family, who I never knew. To this date I have not met Mrs. Muha face-to-face. Respondent and I did argue over this former neighbor, Deb Muha, being in our home to "help out" my former husband with the children while I was forced to be away on business every other week or so in the months just prior to our legal separation.
  • Respondent

    After posting my own bail I was released in Martinez, CA at approximately 10:00 a.m. when I arrived at my home, after a 4 hour ride on public transit, Respondent refused to open the door or give me the keys to my vehicle, forcing me to call the police so they could escort me into the house to retrieve my belongings and car keys, and I was again forced to leave without my children as agreed.
  • Respondent transfers all funds from joint account to his sole account

    While I was trying to contact Respondent he transfered nearly $1700 in funds from our joint account into his sole account, leaving me less than $300. As soon as I returned to Southern California I began to make arrangements to move into my own appartment and file for dissolution of the marriage. Respondent became very apologetic and loving and continued to suggest we spend time alone together despite our agreement to the contrary.
  • Petitioner Contacts CPS to express concerns re Respondent

    I telephoned Mr. Chapman of CPS, we arranged a meeting with Respondent and CPS psychologists and counselors to assess the Respondent’s behavior and its affect on the children in the home. During this meeting Respondent and I agreed that it was not adviseable to meet without another adult present and that I would find a residence of my own so that the children have a place to stay while under the care of either parent.
  • Petitioner moves to residence at 7955 Magnolia Ave #25B, Riverside, CA

    I chose an apartment safe, warm, inviting for my kids, and close the family, schools, and other resources. I also began paperwork in order to file for dissolution of the marriage. Initially I rented the apartment with Cheryl Silver, age 53, a friend of my family.
  • Period: to

    Respondent takes 4-yr-old Thomas to New York

    During this time our older sons, Steven and William, helped me moved into the new apartment I had found as they were on Spring break from school at that time. I took nothing but my personal belongings from the house on Yacht Drive. Respondent agreed I would have our youngest son, Thomas, when he returned and the boys would return to school with him.
  • Respondent denies me Time with Thomas as Agreed

    Respondent had asked me to pick him up from the airport, 45 minutes from the Discovery Bay residence, then make the exchange. During the drive home from the airport Respondent again instigated an argument about the children moving to New York with him to live at his parent’s house. Once we got home, although I was completely non-combative, Respndent immediately called 911. I was shocked and forced to leave without any of my sons or the rest of my belongings.
  • Appearance in Criminal Court by Petitioner Katherine Shultz

    I appeared for my hearing at the Contra Costa County Superior Court in Pittsburg, CA and was told that the court had chosen not to press charges at that time from my February 11 arrest. I returned to Southern California without the children.
  • Period: to

    Respondent Denied Petitioner Contact with Children

    Respondent has only allowed me to speak with our sons on very limited occasions although I have called multiple times a day to try to speak with them. He also filed a TRO through CLETS restraining me from contacted my children in any way and this order was overturned by Judge Libby at the Sept. 28 hearing. had to request that Sherriffs perform a wellness check on two occasions because I was unable to reach them for up to a week at a time.
  • Petitioner's Visitation with Minor Children

    I agreed to meet Respondent at a public pizza parlor in order to visit with our three children, whom I had not seen since March 22, at which time I asked if they could spend the evening with me at my hotel and Respondent refused. By this time four weeks had passed during which I had less than an hour of contact with my youngest son, Thomas. Late that night in my hotel room Respondent called me and suggested that he come to my hotel to have sex with me in order to “relieve our tension.”
  • Respondent receives outstanding arrest warrant

    On the afternoon of June 2, 2010 shortly after Respondent became insensed over photos on my Facebook pages I received notice via US mail that a warrant for my arrest had issued regarding the incident of March 22, 2010. I traveled to Contra Costa County the night of June 3, 2010 to appear and clear up the matter concerning the outstanding warrant at 8:00 a.m. on June 4, 2010.
  • Respondent requests promotion of our two sons to 9th grade

    I learned through a telephone conversation with my son Steven that Respondent had set up an appointment with our twin sons’ school in order to discuss promoting them from 7th grade to 9th grade at the beginning of the upcoming schoolyear. This topic was never mentioned to or discussed with me. I was not informed of the meeting or my sons possible promotion, about which I have serious concerns.
  • Petition for Dissolution filed

    filed by Petitioner, Katherine Shultz, summons issued, request for order on court fee waiver filed and granted to Katherine Shultz,
  • Responent returns Custody of Minor Children to Me, Petitioner

    In mid June Respondent told me our sons wanted to see me and that he had decided the boys were better off with me and should be enrolled in school in Riverside as our house in Disovery Bay had gone to auction and he did not know where they would be living. Respondent met me at a half-way point between our residences where I picked up our three sons and brought them to my home in Riverside. I had begun the enrolllment process for all three sons for the school year beginning Aug. 23, 2010.
  • Period: to

    Minor Children reside with Petitioner in Riverside, CA

    The three minor children stayed with me, Petitioner, in Riverside California and we prepared to adjust to our new home and start the school year here. At this time the boys seemed happy and accepting of the fact that we were going to lose their home in Discovery Bay to foreclosure and that they would be having to move away from friends.
  • Response filed by Respondent William Shultz

    order on court fee waiver requested and granted to Respondent William Shultz, without service. As of November 19, 2010 I have never been served with Petitioner's Response.
  • First Day of Academic School Year for Excelsior Middle School, Byron Union School District

    Due to a modified year-round calendar, Byron Union School DIstrict began school in July, while the boys were already living in my custody in Riverside, CA, and I was working to obtain the necessary documentation to enroll them in school, as respondent restrained me from his residence, where he held all critical familyb records and documents.
  • Birthday of Steven and William Shultz

    Our older twin sons were with me, Petitioner, on their birthday, as was their 4-yr-old brother. We celebrated at their half-sister's house in Irvine, CA. After not hearing from their father, I phoned Respondent so that he could wish his sons happy birthday at approximately 10:30 pm. This can be verified by phone records if needed.
  • Appt for Thomas Shultz participation in WIC Program

    I had scheduled this appointment with our local WIC program, however I had to cancel as respondent refused to share required immunization records and birth certificate for Thomas as I requested of him.
  • Petitioner Registers Thomas Shultz for HeadStart Preschool Program

    I enrolled my 4 year old son Thomas in the HeadStart Preschool Program here in Riverside where I reside. The program has a long waiting list, and Thomas was schedule to start November 15, 2010. (EXHIBIT G)
  • Period: to

    Minor Children are kept from Peitioner by Respondent

    During the time I delivered the children for their visit with Respondent on August 7 until our ex parte hearing on September 28, 2010, Respondent kept me from speaking to the children, restraining me from them, our property, their school and all friends. Respondent refused to share crucial information or documents needed to proceed with court and CPS recommendations and his behavior became increasingly irratic.
  • Birthday of 4 Yr Old Son Thomas

    My three sons were with the Respondent on the birthday of my youngest son Thomas. I tried calling Respondent on both his cell and home phones several fimes throughout the day so that I might wish my toddler happy birthday. Although I left messages each time, I received no call and was unable to speak with my 4 yr old son on his birthday.
  • Respondent refused to return Minors to Me, Petitioner per our Written Agreement

    I, Petitioner, drove seven hours to Discovery Bay to retrieve the children as we had agreed upon in writing and Respondent refused to even let me see the children even in spite of the urging from Sherriffs called by me to oversee the exchange. I returned to Southern California without the children and immediately began to file paperwork for an emergency ex parte custody hearing.
  • First day of the Academic School Year for Sierra Middle School, Riverside, CA

    Respondent and I had previously agreed that the boys would be returned to me prior to the start of school here in Riverside. Respondent failed to return the children and they missed the beginning of the school year. He immediately enrolled them in school (a month after their academic year began) in Discovery Bay, CA, without notifying me in any way.
  • Roommate Cheryl Silver moves out of residence

    In order to address previous concerns and in order to create a better living environment for me and my sons, my roommate, Cheryl Silver moved out of the residence at 7955 Magnolia Ave. This fact was brought up in mediation, but was not noted by the mediator in her summation.
  • Notice of Ex Parte Motion mailed to Respondent

    On Sept. 1 I mailed respondent a copy of the ex parte paperwork which was filed on Sept. 8, 2010. We were given a hearing date of Oct. 14, 2010.
  • Family Law OSC/Motion re: Child Custody filed by Petioner, Katherine Shultz

    Hearing on motion set for October 14, 2010 at 8:30 in Dept 50. Relief was sought after Petitioner refused to return our sons to me as agreed upon in writing (EXHIBIT J), causing our sons to miss the beginning of thier school year, and was refusing to let me see or even speak to our sons.
  • TRO and Request for Order filed by Respondent through CLETS

    Respondent filed this malicious request and TRO, restricting me from any and all contact with our sons or their school, which up until this time was to only way I was able to find out how my sons were doing as respondent refused to let me speak to them unmolested. Hearing was set for Sept. 28, 2010 at 8:30 in Dept 50
  • Personal Service of Petition's Motion for Diss of Marriage and CC

    Respondent was served by mail in June 2010, which is confirmed by his delivery signature, however, he refused to sign an acknowledgement of receipt and so was personally served this day by his former friend, Scott Carpenter.
  • Notice to Vacate issued from Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office

    This notice was issued and posted Sept. 24, 2010. When question in court on September 28 about the status of the residence, Respondent perjured himself stating that he had gone through the MERS program and managed to save the house. Had he told the truth I feel Commissioner Libby would have allowed the children to remain in my physical custody until such time that Respondent establishes his own residence.
  • OSC/TRO taken under submission by Commissioner James H. Libbey

    Respondent's requests in his TRO are denied and he is ordered to give our sons to me until the end of their school break on October 8, 2010, pending our Custody hearing now scheduled for November 4, 2010. However, Respondent perjured himself during this hearing when asked about the foreclosure of his residence
  • Proof of Personal Service filed by Petitioner, Katherine Shultz

    Service by Scott Carpenter, former friend of Respondent, residing in Brentwood, CA
  • Respondent Obtains Birth Certificate for Thomas Shultz

    Copy of official birth certificate of Thomas Shultz dated (EXHIBIT N) obtained by me, Petitioner from County of Contra Costa, Assessor/Recorder, Martinez, CA - obtained because Respondent refused to supply it and it was required in order to getnecessary medical and psychological services for my for Thomas, as well as enrolling him in HeadStart Preschool Program
  • Period: to

    Minor Children in Care of Mother

    During this time with my boys many of the Respondent's previously mentioned concerns had already been met; my roommate, who smoked, had already moved out, I no longer allowed them to stay in Irvine with their sister, I did not leave them for more than an hour at a time to run errands and then with adult supervision. I had obtained counseling, medical and other services, and had enrolled all three children in school.
  • Respondent Travels to San Marcos, CA for Birth Certificates for Steven and William

    I was forced to obtain copies of official birth certificates of Steven and William Shultz (EXHIBIT M) obtained by me, Petitioner from County of San Diego, Assessor/Recorder, SanMarcos, CA - obtained because Respondent refused to supply them and documents were needed in order to get necessary medical and psychological services for my sons, as wellas to enroll them in school
  • County of Contra Costa added as Party

    DCSS motion/OSC re Child Support & Health Care is filed against me, Petitioner, set for January 4, 2011 at 8:00 dept 52
  • Petitioner's OSC is filed

    My OSC , delivered via express mail to the clerks October 1, 2010, alerting the court to Repsondent's loss of residence is filed, however, it went unheard before Respondent came and took the children from my custody.
  • Respondent Requests Immunization Records from Kaiser

    Because Respondent refused to share with me critical documentation for our children I have been forced to go to the document source and replace everything.
  • Conversation with CPS's Jonathan Chapman re minor children

    Mr. Chapman phoned me to let me know that he'd been in touch with Respondent and that his home had been vacated. I informed him that Respondent had not contacted me at all with any new address for him or the children and so I had no plans to return them. Mr. Chapman said he was "glad the boys are with me" and that I should not bring them back up to Bill with no home for them to go to.
  • Appt with Riverside County Social Services by Petitioner to Obtain Services

    I spent an entire day at Riverside County Social Services and was able to obtain food stamps and resources for counseling and health/education serviceds (EXHIBIT R)
  • Respondent Arrives in Southern California and Takes Children

    With no forewarnin at all, Riverside police officers arrived at my door at approximately 10:00 am Saturday morning with Respondent and a neighbor, Mike Muha. The most recent order indicated I was to return the boys to Respondent on Oct. 8, 2010. When I protested that I had been given no notice and no new residential address, Respondent provided police and me with the Muha's (address and phone number as his own, so I was forced to turn over the boys to Respondent immediately.
  • Period: to

    Minor Children Living in Muha Residence

    Although my sons have now been living in the Muha home since October 9, 2010, the Respondent has not stayed there with the children since October 11, 2010 and often was allowed to take Thomas,our 4 yr old, to sleep at various women's houses per Deborah Muha's statement in her petition for guardianship.
  • OSC for modification of CC, CV filed by Petitioner

    Hearing is set for Nov. 4, 2010 at 8:30 in Dept 50. Children are allowed to remain with Respondent in the Muha residence at 3578 Yacht Drive, the address given to police by Respondent as his new residence when he came to take the children out of my home on October 9, 2010.
  • Hearing on original OSC/motion for CC/CV Continued

    Due to subsequent events and vexacious actions of the Respondent, this matter was continued to the hearing date of the most recent OSC filing, November 4, 2010, almost one month since the last time I saw my sons on October 9. I travelled all the way from Riverside, Calfornia for this court date and Respndent would not even allow me to see my sons before I had to return home to Southern California. This caused great anguish for me and my sons.
  • Petitioner Obtains Copy of her own Birth Certificate

    I had to obtain a copy of my own official birth certificate from County of Riverside, Assessor/Recorder, Riverside, CA -obtained because Respondent refused to relinquish to me even my own critical documents in his possession, i.e. my birth certificate, teaching credentials, university transcripts, my own immunization record, among other documents still in Respondent’s possession
  • Safety and Wellness Check on Muha Residence

    Sherriff Deputy Steele performed a safety and wellness check on the Muha residence, as I had never met them nor been in their home and was greatly concern of their use of weapons with my children, and the presence of weapons and an unrelated 13-yr-old girl, the Muha's daughter Veronica, in the home. Mr. Muha would not allow and could not be forced to show Sherriff his weapons or how they are kept.
  • Mediation

    I attended our mediation by telephone, while Mr. Shultz attended (an hour late) in person. I have found grievous errors in the mediation process that prejudiced me extremely, not being able to be there in person because of extreme financial hardship.
  • Responsive Decl and POS to my OSC filed by William

    Hearing scheduled for November 4, 2010, 8:30, Dept 50
  • Immunization Records Received by Respondent from Kaiser

  • Income and Exp Decl filed by me Petitioner

  • Decl re: Service of Prelim and Final Decl of Discl filed

    filed by both WilliamRespndent, and Katherine, Petitioner
  • Petitioner's Decl in Supp of Diss of Marriage and CC filed

    Separate declaration in support of also filed.
  • Petition for Appointment of Guardian of the Person filed by Deborah Muha

    Mrs. Muha filed without any notice to me,Notice. Except as provided in Family Code Section 6300, unless notice of the application for an ex parte order (including an order shortening time) or a Temporary Restraining Order would result in great or irreparable injury to the applicant before the matter can be heard on notice, the other party must be given the notice required by the ex parte rules of the California Rules of Court (Rule 3.1200 et seq.) Respondent was aware of the Muha's actions.
  • Request for Entry for Default Returned not Filed

    I attempted to file a request for default, as I had served Respondent with my petition and supporting filings both by mail in June and later by personal service on September 13, 2010, and to date still have never been served with nor seen a copy of his original Responsive Declaration. My request was returned because according to the clerk, Respondent has filed a response. This filing cannot be done without proper proof of service, which is in question.
  • Petitioner Contacted Respondent's Atty

    I received notice that Respondent has hired an attorney, James Morgan, and immediately contacted him via both fax (EXHIBIT Z) and email, in an attempt to reach a resolution to this matter in the best interst of my children.
  • Hearing for OSC for CC/CV Continued

    Fully expecting to be able to reach a conclusion regarding custody and visitation, I traveled once again from Riverside, CA. As soon as I arrived I found out that Deborah Muha had filed for guardianship of my three sons, whom Respndent had placed in her home. Because of this action, our matter was not hear and was to be continued to November 24, 2010. However, Respondent's attorney, Mr. James Morgan, indicated he would be out of the country and the date was postponed until December 7, 2010.
  • Stipulation Signed Under Duress

    Now facing a Dec. 7 court date and the possibility of not seeing my sons, especially my four-year-old who asks for me daily, I felt compelled to sign a stipulation written by Respondent's attorney, without Mrs. Deborah Muha present, because I was told it would be the only way I would be allowed to see my sons on that day. I have never been given a copy of this stipulation. I was allowed to see my sons for one hour at a Straw Hat Pizza with Mr. Muha supervising.
  • Petition delivers Minor Children for Visit with Respondent

    Respondent and I agreed in writing that the boys would visit him from Aug. 7, 2010 to Aug. 19, 2010 in order to visit their friends and father before starting their new school year in Southern Calfornia, I agreed to deliver the boys half-way at Kettleman City on the condition that we agree in writing to our arrangement (EXHIBIT J) I brought the resondent groceries for the boys at this time.
  • Clear Psychiatric Evaluation from the Department of Psychiatry, Arlington Campus

    I received a clear psychiatric evaluation from the Riverside County Regional Medical Center, indicating no medical or Drug/AlcoholFollow-Up necessary, and recommending only counseling for myself, the Petitioner, and my sons in order to cope with the “episodic” anxiety resulting from the dissolution of this marriage, as well as receipt of charges for psychiatric evaluation and referral to Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth & Families, telephone 951-683-5193
  • All 3 Children Spend Day unsupervised with Respondent

    When I phoned the Muha residence to speak to my children on Veteran's Day I was informed that they were spending the day with their father, Respondent, "at Diane's house." I do not know this person and I have never been informed as to her address or phone number, although my sons have spend the night there on several occasions with their father, the Respondent.
  • Conversation with Deb Muha re Children's Whereabouts

    When I tried to reach my children by phone the morning after Veteran's Day, Deb Muha said the twins were in Tahoe with the Harpol family (a family I do not know and whose address and exact locate she refused to supply) and that Tommy was out for the day with Bill, the Respondent.
  • Conversation With Muhas re Children's Whereabouts

    8:30 pm Mike Muha phoned me to say that Bill had just gotten to their residence with Tommy and that Tommy was asleep so he couldn't speak to me. He asked if I wanted to talk to Bill if I didn’t believe him but I said I didn’t wish to talk to Bill only Tommy and to please have him call me. At 8:40 pm I called back and Deb Muha answered. I said I needed to know Tommy was there and I’d like her to just gently wake him to say a quick goodnight with Mommy but she refused.
  • Anger Management Course Completed by Petitioner

    EXHIBIT Q - Certificate of Completion verifies satisfaction of this recommendation by Katherine Shultz, Respondent.
  • Emergency Ex Parte OSC filed by Petitioner by mail

    As soon as I learned of Respondent's loss of residence for he and my sons, I prepared and mailed my OSC. The OSC was delivered to the court Oct. 1, 2010, but not filed by legal techs in the clerk's office until Oct. 13, 2010 according to Court Clerk Hughes who finally helped locate the misplaced paperwork. Consequently, my pleading was not heard before Respondent arrived unannounced at my door to take the children on Oct. 9, 2010.
  • Most recent ex parte OSC in re Custody not heard

    My most recent OSC filed 11/22/10 went unheard because of our Dec 7 court day. On this day Deb Muha allowed me to see my sons at a local pizza restaurant. She then phoned or texted Respondent to let him know I was there and he showed up unannounced, causing great distress to my sons and myself.
  • I, Petitioner, made the last mortgage payment on 3609 Yacht Dr

    Unable to continue making the large monthly mortgage payment along with all other household bills and expenses, with no help from Respondent, and in light of his ongoing extramarital affairs, I decided to separate and file for divorce.