Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • Napoleon is born in Corisca

    Napoleon is born in Corisca
    He was born Napoleon Buonaparte in Ajaccio, Corsica, to Carlo Buonaparte and Marie-Latizia. Carlo, his father, was a politician and a wealthy Corsican aristorcrat.
  • Napoleon entered the Military Academy in Paris

    Napoleon started the military of Brienne in 1779 at only 10 years old and entered the Parisian Military Academy at 14
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    A time of social upheaval in France when the common people overthrew the absolute monarchy
  • Buonapartes flee to France in the advent of the revolution and change their name to Bonaparte

    By 1793 the Buonapartes were the Bonapartes and living in France
  • Napoleon is a hero

    Napoleon is a hero
    By the time the revolt broke out in Lyon, Napoleon was an artillery lieutenant and a hero in the French revolution
  • Coup of Brumaire

    Coup of Brumaire
    Napoleon overthrows the Directory
  • Napoleon elected First Consule

    After the coup, Napoleon elects himself First Consule of the Directory
  • Civil Code or Code Napoleon written

    Civil Code or Code Napoleon written
    Napoleon writes a code of laws called the Civil Code or the Code Napoleon
  • Napoleon becomes emperor

    Napoleon becomes emperor
    Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of France
  • Battle of Smolensk

    Battle of Smolensk
    This is important because it is the beginning of the end for Napoleon. The French invasion of Russia, or to the Russians the Patriotic War of 1812
  • Battle of Moscow

    Battle of Moscow
    Napoleon invades Moscow, which he finds abandoned and set on fire by its inhabitants. He retreats and his army is significantly weakened.
  • Grande Armee (Great Army) expelled from Russia

    Napoleon's army is expelled from Russia greatly weakened and in no fighting shape at all. This makes to a rough time for Napoleon in the years that follow.
  • Napoleon arrives in Paris

    Napoleon has been in exile but still forming his empire. He returns and starts what is known as the 100 days, his 100 day reign over France
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    This famous battle is what takes the throne from Napoleon
  • Napoleon exiled to Saint Helena island

    Napoleon exiled to Saint Helena island
    Napoleon is exiled to the island of Saint Helena near Africa
  • Napoleon dies

    Napoleon dies
    Napoleon dies on his island