My Life- Phoebe Cheng

  • Seeing the World

    Seeing the World
    Born in Hong Kong, China at 2:00am on October 17, 1995 in the same hospital as my parents.
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    My Life

  • Arriving Across the World

    Arriving Across the World
    My parents and I arrived in Toronto, Ontario wanting to stay here and become a Canadian citizen. We stayed in the Delta hotel for 2 weeks before we moved into our condo, The 68 Consillium, which later on proved to be our home for more than 7 years.
  • First Day of Kindergarten!

    First Day of Kindergarten!
    My first day of school at Bendale Junior Public School. I was extremely excited and met one of the most memorable teachers I will never forget. I remember meeting new friends who ended up being some of the best people I will ever meet, who are still my friends to this day.
  • Baby Sister

    Baby Sister
    My baby sister, Jessie Cheng, was born around mid-night at the North York General Hospital.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    My first kindergarten teacher (mentioned before) died from cancer. She was only in her late twenties. At our school, we had a rememberance assembly just for her, and a group of students sang the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sung originally by Judy Garland. Furthermore, we planted a tree outside of our school in dedication of her.
  • Pink Ribbons

    Pink Ribbons
    My mom found a bump in her breast area, and she was later confirmed that she had breast cancer near the end of August.
    She went through a series of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And after around 2 years, she recovered. She has now passed the 5 year "caution" period, and is a breast cancer survivor.
  • Kearney!

    For our grade 6 farewell trip, (TDSB most schools are still up to grade 6 then you switch to junior high then you switch to highschool), we went to Kearney, a retreat area for TDSB kids. It was the most fun I've ever had, and there were a lot of memorable moments, including snake shells.
  • First Time Moving

    First Time Moving
    My first time moving to another house! I originally lived in Scarborough, but because of some school problems, my parents moved us north to Richmond Hill, That school year, I started off at another school for the first time, MacLeod's Landing Public School. The first time I heard the school name, I thought it was an airport.
  • First Day of Highschool

    First Day of Highschool
    First day attending Richmond Green Secondary School, and I had a nervous breakdown, thus resulting in me missing the next three days of school. It is so embaressing to bring it up, because I'm not really the type to have a nervous breakdown because of school....but I did. And now its history.
  • Softball Team

    Softball Team
    The first time I joined a rep team. It was for the Chinese Christian Softball Association. The name of the team was Sac of Rice (I know its a bit weird, but apparently if you say it fast enough you hear 'sacrifice').Our season was the whole summer, and I made some pretty powerful bonds with my teammates.