My Life Long Time Line

Timeline created by 5babys111
  • My birthday!

    the day the earth stood still and was blessed with the presence of my birth. This is the day I was born.....
    Biosocially- im newborn, sleeping, growing, and eating! I hear I was very greedy.
    cognitively-my brain was constantly developing.
  • 2 years old

    by this time I'm two years old
    biosocially-I'm walking, running, I have a small vocabulary of three words mama, dada, and no.
    coginitvely-my mother said I was always thinking about eating, and I was very sensitive.
    psychosocially-I was told that I was very spoiled, but I was so generous I would give anything I had, even atge2.
  • Period: to

    The Play Years

    biosocially-by this time I remember running with the boys, and doing cartwheels. I found myself wanting to play more with my male cousins. I was a tomboy.
    cognitively-Im left handed so at this stage in my life my creativity came alive, I began to draw abstract drawings, and making crafts, comparing and configuring everything around me.
    psychosocially-I was a pouter, I was very spoiled and I always got my way.
  • Ths School Years

    biosocial-by this time I was very skinny and tall, they use to call me things like, linky, and bean poll. I remember they also use to call me pins and needles.
    cognitively-I was a very quick learner, however I was very, very hyeractive, I did'nt need medication but close. (lol)
    psychosocially- I was the only child at this time, I found myself being a people pleaser, I remember buying lunch and goodies for people to be my friend.
  • Adolescence

    biosocially-by this time I was beginning to develop but not as quickly as my peers. I did'nt begin my cycle until I was sixteen. I did experience sexual curiosity but did not explore.
    cognitive-I began to come a slower learner, and quick to change my focus.
    psychosocial-I was learning myself during this era,I use to dress like punky brewster, I love bright colors and I loved the attention it brought me.
  • The Adolescence-part 2

    psychosocial-this is a moment in my lfie when I needed to be accepted, so I had sex with my boyfriend (childhood boyfriend we were together since we were eleven lol) and unfortunately I got pregnant the very first time. :(
  • Emerging Adult

    biosocial-I felt I had became an adult, at sixteen when I had my first child. My development was quicker than the average person my age. I was very strong and determined, I graduated on time even with a child .
    cognitively-I was raised in church, but as a teen I strayed away. By the time I reached and emerging adult I revisited what I believed in and begin to pray and seek God again.
    psychosocially-I was in a second serious relationship in which I had my second child by the age eighteen.
  • Adulthood

    biosocial-Im very active at this stage in my life, I have five children and Im single. Im fully focused on what I want to accomplish, in my education, in my talents, and in my spiritual life.
    cognitively-Im balancing my life, my finances, and my heart all while raising five children. I havent lost my mind yet. (lol)
    psychosocially-I went through a divorce in which I was married for ten years. I learned alot along the way, Im now in a new relationship after being alone for four years.
  • Late Adulthood

    biosocial-by this time I hope to be healthy and still very active, I intend for my body to be healthy by practicing good health now and throughout my lifeline.
    coginitively-I dont anticipate any mental distrubances, alzheimers, demensia, or any of that. Im planing on keeping my brain busy.
    psychosocial-I hopefully will have been happily married for over 30 years by now growing old with my husband and making dessert for my children, and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.