History Family Timeline

By kwarni
  • Bob Warnimont (grandfather) born

    Bob Warnimont (grandfather) born
    Interesting Fact: my grandpa's middle name is Bernard, which is his father's name. My father's middle name is Robert, which is his father's name. And my brother's middle name is Michael, which is his father's name.
  • Steve Collins (grandfather) born

    Steve Collins (grandfather) born
    He's the youngest of 8 children and his next youngest sibling is 12 years older than him!
  • Judith Troehler-Collins (grandmother) born

    Judith Troehler-Collins (grandmother) born
    My grandma met my grandpa when she was babysitting for his older brothers children.
  • Carol Koprowski-Warnimont (grandmother) born

    Carol Koprowski-Warnimont (grandmother) born
    My grandma and her sister both have fluffy, round hair, but Aunt Lucy wants her to let her hair turn white so they can be Q-tips together.
  • 22nd Amendment

    22nd Amendment
    In light of FDR's recent four terms as president, Congress ratified this amendment which provide a two-term lift for American presidents.
  • UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico

    UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico
    A major controversy, the American public still do not know for sure whether or not alien lifeforms were discovered in this crash. The US government has tried to cover up the incident by stating that it was really a high altitude surveillance balloon.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis
    A US war plane captured photographic proof of Soviet missile bases under construction in Cuba.
  • John F. Kennedy Assassination

    John F. Kennedy Assassination
    My grandma can clearly remember hearing about the developments of this story, and this event was very important in American history.
  • Judy and Steve (grandparents) married

  • Carol and Bob (grandparents) married

  • Michael Warnimont (father) born

    Michael Warnimont (father) born
    My dad is the middle of three kids, with two sisters, so he was a bit of a troublemaker when he was growing up
  • Man on the Moon

    Man on the Moon
    Neil Armstrong was the first man in the history of ever to stand on the moon.
  • Theresa Collins-Warnimont (mother) born

    Theresa Collins-Warnimont (mother) born
    My mom fondly remembers growing up with three sisters and one bathroom.
  • The First Earth Day

    The First Earth Day
    This event marked a shift in the American publics concern for the conservation of the environment. Gaylord Nelson (pictured), a senator from Wisconsin, is the one who first proposed this national day of observation.
  • Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision reached

    Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision reached
    In a landmark case about women's rights, the Supreme Court ruled that women should have the right to abort their unborn baby.
  • Elvis Presley Died

    Elvis Presley Died
    My grandmother is a ginormous Elvis fan, and was devastated to learn of his death
  • Challenger Explosion

    Challenger Explosion
    73 seconds after launch, the Challenger exploded, killing all the astronauts on board, including Christa McAuliffe, the first member of the Teacher in Space Project.
  • The First Gulf War

    The First Gulf War
    Relatively quick (ended 2/28/1991) the war was a success in removing Iraqi troops from Kuwait.
  • Parents married

  • I was born!

    I was born!
    I was born at St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville, Ohio. Since I was born first, I am my parent's favorite child, and none of the other three would come close to their love for me.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    On my mother's birthday when I was not even one year old, a picture was circulating from this event of a firefighter carrying a dead baby. Since my father is a firefighter, my parents were especially heartbroken by this event.
    Hero firefighter Chris Fields carries Baylee Almon. Baylee passed away shortly after this picture was taken.
  • Joseph Warnimont (brother) born

    Joseph Warnimont (brother) born
    Unfortunately, Joey was born and I was no longer an only child. Luckily my parents didn't like him much so I was still the favorite. Funnily enough, Joey was born in the shower, so he was the only one of us four who wasn't born at St. Anne's.
  • Zachary Warnimont (brother) born

    Zachary Warnimont (brother) born
    Zach was born at St. Anne's Hospital at about 9 in the morning.
  • Madalyn Warnimont (sister) born

    Madalyn Warnimont (sister) born
    Mady was born at St. Anne's Hospital in the early afternoon.
  • Terrorist Attacks

    Terrorist Attacks
    My mom's cousin Alan was supposed to go into work at the Pentagon today, but he had the day off.
  • We moved to Canal Winchester

    We moved to Canal Winchester
    After living in Reynoldsburg for my entire elementary life, I was suddenly uprooted and forced to move away from my best friend, to a city nobody has ever heard of.
  • My family became Disney Vacation Club Members

    My family became Disney Vacation Club Members
    In my family, this event is a huge deal. It allowed us to go on vacation more frequently for less money, and made us the Disney nerds we are today.
  • Adult bookstore explosion

    Adult bookstore explosion
    My dad was called to a building with a gas leak, when it suddenly exploded. Luckily he only sprained his ankle, but when the extended family saw him on the news we were bombarded with phone calls
  • Barack Obama was elected President of the USA

    Barack Obama was elected President of the USA
    My dad is a strict Republican and was devastated when this man won the presidency. He hates that some people voted for Obama only because he is black.
  • We adopted Mickie!

    We adopted Mickie!
    Since my whole family loves everything Disney, we had to name our dog Mickey Mouse. However, in an effort to feminize the name for our girl dog, the spelling was changed to Mickie.
  • Earthquake in Haiti

    Earthquake in Haiti
    This enormous devastation resulted in 230,000 people dead, 300,000 injured and 1,000,000 made homeless.
  • BP Oil Spill

    BP Oil Spill
    This was bad and lasted for a long time.
  • North Korea fires on South Korea

    North Korea fires on South Korea
    "The South Korean military went to “crisis status” on Tuesday and threatened military strikes after the North fired dozens of shells at a South Korean island, killing two of the South’s soldiers and setting off an exchange of fire in one of the most serious clashes between the two sides in decades." The US has condemned the attack.