The Life and Times of Laura Anne Kaiser Landless

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    The Beginnings

    Conception to birth is an unknown time for me. I have no information on my birth parents.
  • A wonderful day!

    This is the day I was born. I was born in Wyandot, Michigan to my biological mother and given up for adoption.
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    The First Two Years

  • Brought home from the orphanage

    Adoption was through Catholic Social Services. I was placed in the Sarah Fisher Home prior to my placement.
  • Stranger Awareness

  • Coo's to music

  • Severe food allergies and lactose intolerance

    Hospitalized for 8 days for dehydration and gastritis
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    The Play Years

  • Injury sustaining car accident

    Hit by a drunk driver. Father had a concussion, sister severly injured, I received a large hematoma to my upper leg and other minor injuries.
  • rode my first bike with training wheeles

  • Kindergarten

    Started a new school because we were moving there. Very frightened because I didn't know anyone from there.
  • Moved

    Moved to a new home and away from my best friend, Grace
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    The School Years

  • Severe burn injury

    Just prior to starting 5th grade I severly burned my abdomen. It made my extremely self conscience and withdrawl a little from my social group.
  • Softball

    Began participating in organized sports with my friends
  • Finished Elementry school

  • Period: to


  • Puberty strikes - First mensus

  • Memeber of Homecoming Court

  • First Relationship

    Third year of a five year romatic/intimate relationship
  • Started College

    Changed career 4 x's before graduation
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Engaged to be married

  • Long term relationship ends

    Engagement called off 6 mos before the wedding
  • Relationship began with future husband

  • Engaged to be married

  • Graduated from nursing school - ADN

  • Married - Mrs. Laura Landless

  • Period: to


  • First born - Son

  • Second Born - Daughter

  • Financial burdens

    I had to work 3 jobs inorder to help sustain our new family.
  • Return to school for BSN

  • Divorced

    Marriage ended after 12 years of marriage. Very difficult, stressful time. Unexpected and unwanted part of adulthood. Ultimately encouraged my growth as a person.
  • Death of my father

  • Graduate from College - BSN - FINALLY!

    A long bumpy road!
  • Marriage of my son

  • Marriage of my daughter

  • First grandchild is born

  • Retire

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Travel to Ireland with my family

    Travel to Ireland with my family
  • Remain active in my famiily life

    Support my children in the marriages and professional lives. Attend events of my grandchildren.
  • Move into a retirement community

    Uncertain if it will be in Michigan or elsewhere. Much will depend on locations of friends and family at this time.
  • Death

    Peacefully in my sleep.