my life by adam

By bisb
  • I'm born!

    I'm born!
  • Period: to

    my life by adam

  • I say my first word

  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    I'm one!
  • I start to walk

  • My mum's birthday

  • I'm two

    I'm two
  • My brother is born

    My brother is born
  • I'm three

    I'm three
  • I'm four

    I'm four
  • I'm five

    I'm five
  • I'm six

  • I come to BISB

    I come to BISB
  • I'm seven

  • I get a laptop

    I get a laptop
  • I speek english

    I speek english
  • I got a WII

    I got a WII
  • I'm eight

  • My sister is born!

    My sister is born!
  • I'm nine

  • Nerf

    I get my favorit toy,a nurf gun
  • I'm ten

    I'm ten
  • I'm in year 5W

    I'm in year 5W
    Back to school