Its My Life, !

  • Actual Birthdate

    This was the day, me and my twin brother Denzel was born.
  • Due Date.

    I was supposed to be born around this date, but i was a premature baby (:
  • First steps

    My first steps.
  • Why My family?

    This Halloween night, my aunt got shot in the stomach ( upper ribcage) . She survived!
  • The man of my Lifeee (Torrance Marquell ]

    Even though this is the day i was born, i also fell in love with the Man who gave me my 1st child and the man who i plan on spending the rest of my life with.
  • Placement #1

    This was the day i got placed into a group home, it was tragic,! I was having family problems & so the judge thought it was best for me to be taken out of my mothers care.
  • Its Mommy time

    The day my daughter was born . Ta'Nyiah Danae McElroy
  • Life with Dad

    I then got released from the group home to go stay with my dad, i was happy to get the chance to go home.
  • Ta'Nyiah said Daddy

    I knew this was going to come first, everyone told me "DADA" was going to be the first word she said besides - GooGoo GaaGaa <3
  • Baby's 1st tooth

    Ta'Nyiah got her first tooth at the bottom of her mouth .
  • Placement #2

    This was the day things didnt go so well living with my dad, so me, my twin brother, and my daughter got taken from Indianapolis to return to Evansville to live in the group home once again.
  • Army Crawling !

    My daughter still, to this day, hasnt learned how to actual crawl yet. Instead, she army crawls around the house until she decides to get up. I dont think she will ever actually crawl, she might just be one of those babys who just walk first. :)
  • Four Eyes

    The day i got my perscription glasses. I believe i was as blind as a BAT.
  • Daughter said "Mama"

    I was so PROUD the day she said MAMA. even though DADA came out of her mouth first :(
  • Dentist Timeee

    My first time back to the dentist in a while and i had to get a root canal. It didnt hurt much, but i had to BUNCHH of pain pills to be safe !