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  • I was born :D

    I was born :D
    My mother gave birth to me. It was a very happy day for my parents.
  • Period: to

    MrFrancks project thingy

  • I start talking for the first time! WooHoo!

    I start talking for the first time! WooHoo!
    I start babling words and screaming out random words to everyone. i was a talker from the start :0
  • My first 4th o' July (;

    My first 4th o' July (;
    My first 4th of July! Happiness and fear must have came across my face when i saw my first sight of a firework. Extreme.
  • 1st Halloween

    1st Halloween
    It was my first Halloween! Scary stuff! i was dressed as a dalmation ;)
  • 1st Christmas :D

    1st Christmas :D
    Today is my first Christmas! Oh happy day! And a happy day it was! I got lots of presents. ;)
  • I Look Like Bruce Lee?

    I Look Like Bruce Lee?
    Dad says i look like Bruce Lee. He's probably right.
  • My 1st Birthday :D

    My 1st Birthday :D
    It is my first first and last first birthday party. I barely had any idea what was going on but i enjoyed it. I didn't like the cake though.
  • The first time i hear The Gorillaz :)

    The first time i hear The Gorillaz :)
    I was listening to the radio because that was the only thing i would ever do as a kid. So i was listening to K-ROQ like always and i heard for the first time ever TheGorillaz! One of the greatest band of all time. :)
  • Computer skills!

    Computer skills!
    That was the first day i used a computer. Ever! My dad was teaching me how to use everything so i could play my Little Bear game on it. :)
  • 911 :(

    911 :(
    The Twin Towers get crashed into by two planes taken over by terrorists. Sad sad day for America. :/
  • The time i fell into an empty pool :D

    That day my uncle was having a party at his house just for family. And at that time they were cleaning out his pool so it was empty ande all the kids were inside playing around. I wanted to go in so i walked towards the pool but blacked out fell inside 6 feet.
  • xbox >:D

    xbox >:D
    Got my first XBOX360! It was a Halo 3 Limited Edition XBOX 360. It lasted me 3 years.
  • I start Middle School at Newton :P

    So it's my first day at Newton as an actual student. Last year i was coming here because i was taking honors math. This year i will be doing so again!
  • First time i listen to Techno ^-^

    First time i listen to Techno ^-^
    /the first time i ever listened to Techno. It was called WARP 1.9 by The Bloody Beetroots. First time i heard it ive loved it and Techno ever since then. :)
  • Cloverfield!

    This day i watched my favorite movie Cloverfield :) it the first time seeing it, and right away i loved it (:
  • Michael Jackson dies :|

    Michael Jackson dies :|
    This day was one of the most saddening days in History, for Michael Jackson the king of Pop, dies of an overdose.
  • Oxi-Clean Man Pasts Away

    Oxi-Clean Man Pasts Away
    Billy Mays is found dead in his Florida home by wife. That day was a sad sad day. :/
  • First Phone :)

    First Phone :)
    That was the day i got my first phone! Unlimited txting, calling, everything! I must say i was pretty happy. (:
  • My First concert :]

    My First concert :]
    It was my first ever concert! i was too overly excited to think about anything except for that concert. Paramore and Paper Route were playing. They were my two favorite band of that year :)
  • Got my 2nd XBOX

    Got my 2nd XBOX
    Oh yeah! Finally got the Xbox 360 Elite i always wanted. and i got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
  • Zune<3

    After my birthday i gathered up all my money from my presents and had $208! so i had enough to buy the new Zune that ive been wanting ever since Zune anounced they would have it in stores. Man has that thing mad me Happy (: