my life

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    my comception

  • the day when i was born

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  • the fist day in kindergarden in mexico

    it was the fist time i whent to kindergarden with my mom at fist i was scare because i didn't wanted to stay with all this little kids but i jot use to it.... my paremts were protective and care about me
  • fist day in elementary school in mexico

    it was the time when i wasn't a ready to go to school because i didn't wanted to be with grow up thant me
    my parents were controling of me they wanted that afther school i should start doing my homework every day
  • the time that i got in big truable in chrismas day

    what i did in that day is that i was playing with a soccer ball inside the house my mom tolme to take it out side but i didn't lessent so what happens is that i kick the ball and i t whent in the chismas tree that my parents made so it fail and all the ligths broke.
  • got my fist video game

    it was my birthday in this time and i wanted a video game and i tild my parents and they saidd "no" that it was bad for me but my big brother that he was in the U.S. sended me one to play and my parents were districtial
  • i went to watch the independence of mexico in my country

    it was my fist time i whent with my parents to watch the independence of mexico it was great even now i was scare because of the fire works my parents were proctective of me and told me that there was nothing wrong
  • fist time goin go watch a soccer game with my dad

    it was the timeme and my dad when to wach the soccer game in real life it was amazing my favorite team won the game
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  • moved from mexico to U.S

    the time that i left my parents to go with my brother in the U.S. i didn't wanted to go but there was no other choise and it was so hard to said by to my friends and family
  • fist day in school in the U.S in Plaza Park midle school

    i was really scared coming to school and i was shy to talk to people that i don't know because there were speaking a language that i could't understand it was not great do
  • fist time that i whent to a zoo

    it was the time when me my parents and my brother desided to go to the zoo just for fun i wanted to queck the aninals how they were like
  • fist time i got staing "A"s in a grade period

    it was the time that i got staigth "A"s my brother was bery proud of me that he got me a new videogame system for my birthday
    i was getting awarded for my hard work that i have done
  • move house and moved school to Washinton middle school

    it was the time when my parents came from mexico so my brother desided to move house so my parrents could have a roon to sleep my brother was beeing protective with me and my parents
  • fist year in higth school

  • fist time that i got a bad grade in my report card

    it was the time when i didn't do my work in all the classes and my parents to away the games that i had buy and i will be getting them back untill i do better