The life of Jia Leavell

By jialea1
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  • The day I was born

    I do not remember this day at all, cause this was the day I first opened my eyes to the world.
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  • First Christmas

    I did not understand the meaning of Christmas. I was only an infant this Christmas, so I do not remember anything.
  • My sister was born

    I sometimes dreaded this day. But I am glad it happened because shes is the only one that understands how I am.
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    Lived in Lexington, KY

    We moved away from Evansville. I was only in the 2nd grade when I lived here. I actually really liked Lexington, it was big and I met alot of new people.
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    Middle School Years

    These years were okay, but they were nothing like my current high school years. I can honestly say they prepared me for high school.
  • Cousin was born.

    This was the best day ever, I finally got a cousin that I can actually go visit and see and play with her!
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    Adolescence Period

  • First Day of Reitz High School

    I was very nervous because I was an incoming freshman and I only knew a couple of people. But after the first day, I knew a bunch of people.
  • Enrolled to BHS

    I was not as nervous as I was when I started out at Reitz because I knew a bunch of people here.
  • First Day at Bosse High School

    I loved it. Bosse was for me, I could never move away from here. Best years by far!
  • RIP Saxson Gregory Cartwright

    Saddest thing I've ever heard. I cried the entire night! He was my brother, and my best friend.
  • I turned 16 years old.

    I was finally 16, and eligible to get my license. I was super happy! (:
  • Got my puppy Cali

    I love this little mutt. She is my booger butt, lol. Even though she is very bad, I love her!
  • I turned 17 years old

    I'm almost to 18, just one more year. I went to Holiday World with a few friends. then later that night I went to Denny's and celebrated with my closest friends.
  • Seen Tremaine Aldon Neverson ( Trey Songz ] in concert.

    BEST CONCERT EVER! I seen my favorite RnB artist/my future husband Trey Songz. I went with my Best Friend Chelsea Crane and also Tawny Dalton. We had a blast!
  • Started dating my current boyfriend.

    This was the best day ever. Cameron is my best friend. He is my everything. This day means the world to me, and so does he. I won't regret this day ever in my life <3