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Landon Wagner's Timeline

By binger
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    Conception of Landon

    Mom and Dad made Landon Lee Wagner
    Took 9 months and all organs were made up!
  • My Birthday

    Infancy begins in which I grow rapidly and triple my body weight. Orange cake is a personal favorite of mine.
  • First Eye Surgery

    First Eye Surgery
    Changed rapidly and I needed eye surgery for my development to fully occur regularly!
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    Let's just say that I had an absolute blast!
  • Kindergarten Begins

    I was attached to my mother and it was hard for me to leave my mother just like it was hard for her to leave me after 5 years.
  • Broke Trevor's Thumb

    Broke Trevor's Thumb
    In childhood we learn from our mistakes and I got punished for jumping on Trevor, and I remembered not to hurt anyone because of the consequences that come with it.
  • Grandpa Kiki Dies

    Grandpa Kiki Dies
    My grandfather lived in Hebron, Indiana and this building was right across the street from his house. I had to realize tihs is childhood as a part of life, and to stop thinking that I lived forever! I had to start thinking 2-D instead of straight on. I suffered seperation anxiety being away from my grandfather knowing we wouldn't be back.
  • First Tooth Lost

    First Tooth Lost
    Started childhood because your body changes rapidly and I could pull it out because of increased motor skills.
  • First NHL Game

    First NHL Game
    I got to see perception of what a pro sporting event is like with all the lights and action going on around me. It was very scary because I had to adapt to everything around me.
  • Broke Both Wrists Jumping From Swing

    Broke Both Wrists Jumping From Swing
    This was childhood because I saw Megan daring me to jump and I did this in the 1st grade to impress her! This was part of my preoperational stage, because I didn't think this 1 through at all.
  • Broken Thumb

  • Period: to

    Lorraine Swim Team

    This helped me communicate with people my age, and meet a group of people in which I still talk to regularly to this day. It lead me to a tremendous swim career that were some of the best years of my life.
  • Achilles Tendonitis

    Achilles Tendonitis
    I had to learn about taking care of myself and patience because I wanted to play basketball but couldn't harm myself for life.
  • Broke Big Toe/ Stopped Play Soccer

    Broke Big Toe/ Stopped Play Soccer
    Self-esteem goes up and I had to think about growing physically rather than getting hurt. My parents were authoritize and told me that I could never play soccer again because of my toe being hurt.
  • Orange Beach Trip

    Orange Beach Trip
  • Period: to

    Washington Middle School

    I met my best friends Reid Haefner and Brian Wittman during this time, and I started thinking outside the box and reduced my egocentrism.
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    Early, Middle, & Late Adolescence Begin and End
  • Brothers Graduate Bosse

    Brothers Graduate Bosse
    I had to search for my identity because they couldn't help me when I needed it and I couldn't be like T&T in high school.
  • Soccer Career Starts Again/ Elite Tryout

    Soccer Career Starts Again/ Elite Tryout
    I had to search by my own identity in playing soccer, and choosse if this was supposed to be my life and choose my friends. I had a low self-esteem here because my teammates didn't like me because I went to Bosse and outcast me immediately. I played well, but that didn't make them like me.
  • Period: to

    Tennis Career

    I had to think things out and decide it wasn't my dream to play tennis, and after I hurt myself against Mater Dei I decided to play soccer instead.
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    Bosse High School

    I have grown up a lot since I started high school and I have had to plan ahead in order to solve problems!
  • Ike Destroys Garage

    I had to be responsible with my spending and asking of things because money was tight with all the damage that became apparent after the storm. I learned how to make with what I have and respect people and things around me! My family had to think formal-operational because things were going to get better, but it didn't seem like that with a 4 ton tree on our garage.
  • 200 Medley Relay City Champion

    200 Medley Relay City Champion
  • 2nd Team All-Confernce Swimming

  • Period: to

    Ankylosing Spondylitis

    I was diagnosed with AS and it has and always will change and shape my life. I will always have AS because of it being in my immune system and it's something that you have to buckle down and deal with.
  • Diagnosed w/ AS

    Diagnosed w/ AS
    Thought things out rationally and planned ahead so it showed early adolescence. I had to plan out my life right then and there! My parents showed unconditional positive regard being there for me even though I had this terrible auto-immune disorder that would live with me forever! I can't get rid of it, so it will be a part of me forever!
  • Soccer Carrer Begins Again

    Soccer Carrer Begins Again
    After many injuries and complications I got to play in goal again! I hurt my knee in tennis and couldn't move anymore, so I played soccer! This is me punting against Boonville! My parents were authoritive in the way that if I felt hurt I was to be pulled out of goal immediately because of having AS!
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    Greater Evansville Aquatic Team

    I made some great friends and my girlfriend here, but I also learned to become a good swimmer and even better person.
  • Armstrong Family Reunion

    Armstrong Family Reunion
  • Period: to

    Madison Stoddard

    I have dated my girlfriend for nearly 3 1/2 years after we met swimming for Greater Evansville Aquatic Team. She is studying bio engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Swimming Career Ends

    Swimming Career Ends
    After much delibertation I didn't go swim in college for D III schools after finishing with 1,000 points and 5 school records at Evansville Bosse.
  • Begin at USI

    Begin at USI
    I started my educational career at USI with a major in elementary education and minor in special education.
  • Madi Leaves for Boston

    Madi Leaves for Boston
    My girlfriend left for MIT in Cambridge, MA to begin her higher education career to become a neuroscience doctor.