Developmental Psychology Life thingy

  • My sister was killed by her father

    My sister Tabetha was less than 3 months old and her father shook her to death
    I found out when i was around 10
  • My Birthday!

    I was born in Germany!
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  • Parents got divored

    My dad has a strict parenting style and my mom has a semi strict style.
  • First trip to Vegas

    I went to Las Vegas with mi madre and mi abuela
    It was exciting.
  • I was told i used to talk to my sister

    I used to talk to my dead sister I would sit in my room and talk to her i never ever met her
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  • My Granpa in Florida died

    My grandpa was on life support and there was no chance of him ever being anything more than a vegetable they pulled life support and he died but i knew he wasnt suffering anymore so i was okay with it.
  • Great Grandma died

  • First Day of High School!

  • My Baby brother was stillborn

    Ira Joseph would have been his name
    Had my mom been able to carry him like 2 more weeks there would have been a possibility of him living I was in the conventional part of life at this point I wanted to make people happy and stop crying.
  • My first boyfriend

    Jason and I got together
    He is my first boyfriend
  • my first kiss

    My first kiss was odd
    My mom saw it in the rear view mirror
  • Lost my bestfriend

    She started hating me for my boyfriend.
    I was distraught at first then I realized i don't need her to be me. I'm in between Identity diffusion and Identity achievment
  • my brothers 2 year birthday

    i went out to his grave and cried alot