The Life of a Star

  • I was Born

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • My Cousin Lauren was born.

    Me and her are really close, along with her little sister and my little sister
  • I started Pre-School

    I went to St.Bartholemew for PreSchool. I remember brushing our teeth after lunch and eating popscicles for snacks. The school use to look so big to me now it looks so small.!!
  • My little sister Tiaha was born.!

    My one and only sister.
  • I went to Kindergarden at Pulaski Elementray

  • My Little Cousin Terrin was Born.!

    Me Lauren Terrin & Tiaha are always together. We do so much stuff together. Get our hair done by the same person, Trick or treating, haunted houses, easter, vacations, gymnastics and so much more. I love Them.!
  • I missed the ice cream party on the last day of school

    i missed because we had just moved into our new house and we couldnt find the hair bows to do my hair. i was so sad and i cried and my daddy said he would buy me all the ice cream i wanted.
  • I started 1st grade at Langston Hughes Academy, where i met my BestFriend Mone't Wilds

    Me and her are still bestfriends untill this day and it is 11 years later =D
  • I started 4th grade at Cornerstone Linwood Campus

    I had lost touch with mone't and i started at a new shcool with a ugly uniform that i did not want to go to but i met a few nice people.
  • Mone't Showed up to my house for my birthday

    me and mone't sister had the same birthday so they came over and said they had lost my number but remember where my house was. i was so happy. She stayed for my sleep over too.!
  • I Hated Cornerstone Linwood and i Graduated 5th grade...finally

    i hate getting out in july and going back in August =/
  • 1st day of 6th grade...Where some of the greatest yrs of my life all started

  • Somebody stole my money for the dance and my friend Kinnae paid for me

    i love her...we're bestfriends now
  • I got into a Paint Fight with Alex lol I love Him.!

    funny how you can get into it with somebody then just get passed everything and forgive and laugh about it
  • 8th grade was just awesome all around

    the people from that school had a huge impact on my life and i love them.! 6th through 8th grade is a time i will never forget.
  • My 1st Kiss.!

  • Last Day of 8th Grade...everybody cried except me ='(

  • Graduation

  • 1st day of 9th grade...So Nevous..idk ANYBODY

    the first people i met was Mariah and Sierra some of the greatest people i know...then i met Erinika.!!
  • last day of 9th

    i met alot of great people during that year.