The Baller life is the life for Joe Harper

By jrhral
  • My Awesome Birth!

    I was born at some random on the date Aug 27, 1993 in Statestown NC
  • Brother Austin was Born

    My first brother was born!
  • First day of school!!!

    It was my epic first day of my awesome school career
  • Graduated Kindergarten

  • Moving to INDIANA!!

    I moved from Florida to Indiana
  • First day of middle school

    My first day of MIDDLE SCHOOL!

  • First day of High school!

    Awesome High School begins!
  • Driving license

    I Finally Got my DRIVING LICENSE
  • Leave for College

    I leave for my next adventure of school
  • Graduate Lincoln High School!

    I'm Finally done with high school

    I start the real world job!
  • I Get my Dream Job!

    I Become a Buisness Manager of ....
  • Buy my first house!

    I get that house i always i wanted!!

    I Get married to my high school sweetheart
  • First Child is born

  • I Buy my Dream Car!

    I finally get the car i have always wanted!
  • Trip to Italy!

  • I take a cruise around the world

  • I retire and enjoy the remainder of my life

  • I Cease my existence and Journey anew on to the afterlife =]