Final Project

  • Dad was hoping I was a boy

    Dad made mom watch football so I could hear it and get a "head start"
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Mom and Dad come up with my name

    They agreed to name me Michelle if I was a girl
  • Mom thought she was labor

    This was the second time mom mistakenly thought she was in labor
  • I was Born

    After 22 hours of labor, I entered the world
  • I said my first word, mommy

  • I took my first steps to begin walking

  • I was an easy-going child

    I was comfortable being left with other people
  • Mom was concerned I didn't have any hair

    Mom took to me to the doctor to see if something was wrong with me. She was concerned I was two and had no hair.
  • My brother Jimmy was born

  • Still no hair

  • I fell into the lake

    I fell off the dock into the lake at my grandparents cottage. Dad jumped in to save me.
  • I began pre-school at Livonia Little Tots

  • I finally had some hair to show off!

    Mom was very happy, people finally knew I was a girl.
  • I was spoiled

    My parents and grandparents spoiled me a bit too much.
  • I was able to write my name and began reading

  • My best friend in kindergarden was a boy named Peter Jacobs

  • I began to use strictly my right hand

    In the first few years of my life I used both hands to write, feed myself, ect. Now I devolped to be right handed.
  • My sister Melissa was born

  • I was reading above my age level

    By the time I was in second grade I was at a fifth grade reading level.
  • I took dance lessons and gymnatstics

    I took dance lessons from ages three to eleven, gymnastics from ages seven to ten
  • I was on a softball team

  • I began learning how to speak french

  • I was teased and bullyed

    I was teased and bullyed throughout elementary school
  • I began puberty

  • My sister Cari was born

  • My grades began to fall in school

  • My mother and I bickered frequently

    My mother and I fought over everything from ages twelve to eighteen
  • I choose the wrong peer group to associate with

    I hung out with the wrong crowd in middle school and high school
  • I began to test drugs with peers

  • I dropped out of High School

  • I met my best friend

    I met Theresa, who is still my closest friend to this day
  • My daughter was born

    I had my daughter Mya when I was nineteen
  • I found a new church to attend

    I found a church that differed slightlty from what my childhood church was, and loved it. I became a member of this church.
  • I received my GED and started college

  • My daughter Isabella was born

  • My boyfriend and I bought a house

  • My expected college graduation date

  • I believe I will still be in good health

  • I am prepared to take of my aging parents

  • I believe this is my death year

    Both of my great-grandmas lived to be over one hundred years old.