Cruise sept 09 090

Life as I Know It

  • Mom was in good health while pregnant with me, except she had high blood pressure. Mom drank raspberry herbal tea to lower her blood pressure.

    My mom was seeing a midwife. She did not receive any specific medical advice to stay away from anything besides drinking and smoking.
  • Mom read to me everyday when she was pregnant.

    Since I had an older sister that my mom read to everyday, I also was read to everyday even if it wasn't the first intention.
  • The stresses of being a young mom.

    My mom was very young parent with money problems, so she had a moderate level of stress. Mom moved to Louisianna so my dad could work. She did not have many friends there. She was a stay-at-home mom and raised my older sister but that left her to feel secluded without family and friends around.
  • Walking

    When I was just 11 months old I started to walk!
  • The day I was Born!

    I was born at 6:07 am on this day at home by a midwife. I weighed 7 lbs on a fish scale.
  • The first couple of months...

    I was a very mild mannered baby. I was not a fussy baby and I only cried for the essential things like food and a diaper change. I was breast fed and never received immunizations.
  • Sibblings

    I had an older sister that was 3 when I was born. When I was a year old my mom had my younger sister. My older sister never liked me much. She was cruel to me and did not want anything to do with me. I was still a sweet child even though my interation with other kids was my sister torturing me..I was never in day care because my mom stayed home with us, so I did not get much interaction with other kids my age.
  • Was not talking yet!

    By the time I was 2, I still was not talking. I would babble but no real words were being formed. My mom was starting to worry about me.
  • Skipping and Creativity

    When I was four my mom said that she thought I forgot how to walk because I would skip everywhere I went. When I could sit still for a minute, I loved to color and make crafty things with anything I could get my hands on.
  • List keeper

    I loved to help my mom with the cooking and cleaning. Little did I know then I was learning such essential skills. My mom named me the list keeper because she would tell me what we had to do for the day, and she would ask me what else was on the to do list. I had to remind her if she forgot something.
  • The Helper

    I was a prosocially behaved child, feeling and acting in ways that are helpful and king without obvious benefit to oneself. I was always willing to help anyone with anything. I would help teach my classmates and my sister things that they did not know yet. I was self motivated to learn, intrinsic motivation, when I got to kindergarten I was upset because there was no homework for me to do. I loved to learn!
  • No sports for me!

    I was always a chubby child, aka overweight. This lowered my self-esteem and I did not have any self confidence. I did not play sports because I never felt confident enough that I had the skills to be capable to achieve any sport. On the other hand, I did play the piano quite well. This raised my confidence only slightly because I was embarrased to admit that I could play the piano. It wasn't the popular thing to do.
  • Math and Science

    My favorite subjects in school to learn were math and science. I loved the hands on things that we did and there was always an answer to the question. Language, such as English, was my least favorite subject to learn. I had a tough time comprehending the topics and was not creative when it came to coming up with my own words.
  • Self Esteem

    I was a very shy child and not outgoing when it came to social settings. I hung out with the more outgoing crowd, which led me to be in the popular click, but I was by no means popular myself. i would rather sit at home then make friends and put myself out there with kids my age. I had poor self-esteem and did not feel accepted by most of my peers. On the other hand, since I never put myself out there I was never bullied nor did I ever contribute to the bullying of anyone else.
  • Becoming a Woman

    My menarche, first menstral cycle, started when I was 12 years old. It was very embarrassing for me because I was the first of my friends to menstrate. I started when I was in school and had a male teacher. I had to pretend like I was sick and go find my female sex ed teacher. It was humiliating for me. I hit puberty slightly earlier than my peers, which was not fun for me.
  • Self Conscious

    During the adolescent stage, I had a strong egocentric, negative, view of how I though others viewed me. I was not bullied in school but was so self conscious and had a strong feeling that everyone hated me. I had this imaginary audience, who I believed were watching me and taking note of my appearance, ideas, and behavior. This made me a very shy and self conscious kid.
  • Not Myself

    In late adolescence, about when I was 16, I had clinical depression. It took me a long time to realize why I felt this way. I would ruminate, repeatedly think about past experiences, which contributed to my depression. With such a low self esteem as a child, it had a snowball effect which led to my clinical depression. Talking about my depression with my mom made me realize that it was something that many people in my family dealt with. I wasn't alone, but that didn't make it any easier to cope.
  • Staying in Shape

    Exercising has always been a priority of mine as well as eating as healthy as possible. When I am doing these things I feel better, have more energy, and rarely get sick. I joined a gym with my friend so we could motivate eachother to continue on the right path to a healthy life together. This not only keeps my body in shape but also keeps my mind in a good state as well.
  • Time Management

    As an emerging adult, I have developed postformal thinking, Piaget's 5th Stage. I have a lot better time management and think more rationally about life events that sometimes one cannot predict. If something major is due for school, I start on it right away instead of trying to cram it all in right before it is due. I have also been better about managing my time not only with school but work and play. With such little time to deal with, it is crucial to get the most out of the time I have.
  • Vocational Identity

    I have been attending college in order to reach my vocational identity. Neither of my parents went to college which made it hard for them to obtain a job with a creditable income or a job that they enjoyed. This is my motivation to obtain a college education so I can have the job of my dreams and make a good income. I have had a few jobs before I got a job in the hospital. I am getting experience in the field I want to pursue being a nursing assistant which has confirmed this is the right career
  • Healthy Lifestyle

    In order to maintain my health, I am going to choose good health habits. I will avoid alcohol and tobacco. Also I will choose a good nutritional diet to avoid obesity in order to avoid the diseases that are associated with obesity, such as diabetes, which could cause mortality, morbidity, or disability.
  • Knowledge in Power

    My intelligence will peak in adulthood, which includes analytical, creative, and practical intelligence. I will have more experience so abstract planning, strategy selection, focused attention, and information processing are well formed in adulthood. I will be more flexible, innovative and will be able to solve problem easier due to my previous experiences and quality of education.
  • Friendships

    I have no doubt in my mind that I will achieve a closer relationship with my siblings in sdulthood. Already we have a good relationship, but with kids in the mix we will have more to hold the bond together. My social convoy will be at its peak since in adolesence I shyed away from people because I thought I had an imaginary audience, but now I know better and am proud of who I am and can embrace myself. This empowers me to let new friends into my life.
  • Chronic Diseases

    As an adult over 65, I am prone to chronic diseases such as heart disease, cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and depression. Knowing this I am going to take preventative action to ensure that I have a fighting chance at not having these diseases. I will live a healthy and active lifestyle in hopes to not acquire these diseases.
  • Keeping My Mind Sharp

    In late adulthood, I am prone to memory issues such as long term/short tem memory loss and alzheimers. I will stay healthy and alert in hopes to keep my brain from progressively shutting down. I will also keep up a regular exercise pattern to improve circulation and keep a proper diet to control hypertension and diabetes to slow artheriosclerosis which prevents strokes, dementia, or any kind of memory loss.
  • Staying Active by Volunteering

    To keep my spirits up, I will continue to have a satisfying relationship with my friends and family. I will not be working anymore so I will keep myself busy with volunteer work and stay active in my community. Family is a strong support in my life and I will keep these relationships strong to have the social support that is needed.
  • Natural Exit

    In my dying period of life, I hope if doesn't happen until very late adulthood. I hope to stay as healthy as possible in order to see what this world can achieve in my shory time being here. When I am seriously ill, I would not choose passive euthanasia but rather a DNR ( do not resuscitate) order, so I can leave the world as naturally as I entered it.
  • Hospice or Palliative Care

    In my late adulthood wehn my memory has lapsed and I no longer can comprehend the joys of life anymore, I hope that my family would place me in hospice or palliative care, which is designed to relieve the pain and suffering of the patient and their family.
  • In a Better Place

    As my family will be a very improtant part of my life, I will acquire a living will ahead of time so my fmaily members will not have issues after my passing. They will all know what I desire that they have of mine after my passing. I hope that their mourning of grief will be minimal knowing that I will be in a better place. Life far me goes on after death and I will be waiting for them on the other side. I hope that my family will bond together and celebrate my life and not have much grief.