Lisa O'Donnell-See

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    Prenatal Development and Birth

    My mother was 25 years old and in perfect health. She had been married to my father for 3 years and I was her second child.
    I was born perfectly healthy. I was 19 inches long, 6 pounds 7 onces.
    My mother in a good situation. There was no stress. She was happily married, in her own home with no financial difficulties.
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    The First Two Years

    I began walking at 12 months old. I was a normal height and weight.

    At this time I was using both English and Greek words.
    I had one older brother. I lived with my both my parents and my grandmother from greece was staying in our home at this time.
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    The Play Years

    During this time I was very active playing with my older brother and the neighborhood kids. I was learning to spell small words such as my name and address.

    I also visited Greece during this period and was able to see people living very differently from myself.
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    The School Years

    At this time in my life I was a good student. I had many friends at school. I did very well in school and enjoyed after-school activities such as gymnastics and girlscouts.
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    At the beginning of this time I started puberty. I began feeling self conscience around boys and started putting more effort in my appearance. I was growing physically, I remember being able to wear my mothers clothes.
    I was very social at this time. My friends and first boyfriend were the center of my thoughts. We all thought we were so "cool" and adults seemed like a completely different species.
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    Emerging Adulthood

    I felt on top of the world in this timespan. I went to college and learned that I don't know everything. The world seemed full of possibilities. I was eager to learn about new subjects and get to know people who were different from the people I was used to in my home neighborhood.

    I got married durring this time and moved to Florida and had a great year there.
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    This is the most important time in my life because this is the time when I had my two kids. Life completely changed after that. My thoughts are always centered around my children as opposed to myself as they were before.