Tib fib fracture

Injuries, Injuries, Injuries

  • 5th grade

    This was the year where my life began to turn for the worst. I tore my ankle!
  • 6th Grade

    i tore ligaments in my wrist, and i sprained my ankle. playing basketball.
  • 7th grade

    Cheyenne Bebo, of Redfield South Dakota, fell on my elbow during a basketball game and i partially dislocated it and tore ligaments surrounding it. I got to wear a big metal arm brace for 6 months. But i finished the game and was 12/12 on my freethrows:)
  • 8th grade

    this was the year that i broke my ankle in the britton 3 on 3. My dad and doug jorgensen had to carry me out to my car(it was embarrassing). we were playing northwestern and i was going up for a jump shot and the girl practically tackled me in the air. Not nice.
  • 9th grade

    this was the year i made it all the way to the second half of the basketball season! i was playing JV against Roncalli. I had a last second shot and for some reason i was at the three point line and right before i am about to shoot she comes up behind me and tackles me!! She broke my knee cap and sprained my miniscus!
  • 10th grade

    It was Rylands Birthday soo he had people out to his house. It was Alexa, Savanna, Sydney, Brandon, Matt, Clay, Ryland, and Me. well Alexa and Savanna decided they wanted to go put jeans on for the bonfire and we had the brilliant idea to pile on the cub cadet and drive 1 mile over to alexa's house. We were about half way there when we had to turn and we flipped. I hit my face on the roll cage and broke my jaw in two places and was knocked out. then it landed on me causing a tib fib fracture!
  • 10th grade

    It was party in the pasture, and i was playing mud volleyball. I went up to serve and the ball was really heavy with mud and i dislocated my shoulder!
  • 11th grade

    i refractured my leg...