Toasting Time with Katlyn

  • I was born

    I was born in Memphis, Tenneessee at 9:00 in the morning. I think 9:00 is too early. I have always been a late sleeper.
  • First Move

    First Move
    This was the first time I moved. I moved from Joneseboro, Arkansas to Hammond, Louisiana. I lived in Hammond for fifteen years. Fun Fact: Hammond has really good strawberries!
  • Youth 3D Championship

    When I used to barrel raceI won first place in my district. Fun Fact: At that horse show I got pooped on my a bird.
  • High School Here I come!

    I applied and got accepted into Saint Scholastica Academy. It is an all girls Catholic school in Covington, Louisiana.
  • 13th Birthday

    13th Birthday
    My mother and godmother took me to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for my 13th birthday. I had the best time!
  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
    I got my dog Oliver! When he was a puppy his ears were so big and he could not bark. Now he wont be quiet! He is such a sweet boy.
  • Second Move!

    Second Move!
    My stepdad used to coach college football. He got a job coaching at New Mexico State University so we headed to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I had no idea what to expect.
  • Started my New School

    Started my New School
    I started at Mesilla Valley Christian School the middle of my sophomore of high school. I was so nervous. I did not know anyone. It was my first time not having to wear a uniform, I had no idea what to wear. This was also my first time in a while going to a co-ed school.
  • Drama, Drama, Drama

    Drama, Drama, Drama
    I was in the school play my senior year. It was the first play I had ever been in. We did Pride and Prejudice and I was cast as Lydia.
  • Done!

    I finally graduated high school! I did not like wearing a yellow gown. The boys got to wear blue.
  • Workin' Girl

    Workin' Girl
    I got my first job (other than babysitting) working at Hollister. It was a good first job but it got boring after a while.
  • College Time

    College Time
    I rushed Chi Omega at New Mexico State University.
  • It's Official

    It's Official
    I was initiated into Chi Omega. We were told we would be put in a casket...We were not. Thank Goodness!
  • Third Move

    Third Move
    My stepdad retired and we moved to Destin. We used to vacation there all the time when I was younger.
  • New School

    New School
    First semester at South!
  • Europe

    I went to Austria, Hungary, Italy and France. France was my favorite! ...When I came back from my trip, my bike had been stolen.
  • Brand New

    Brand New
    My moms friend gave me her brand new pink beach cruiser! The tags were still on it!
  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home
    My mom and aunt and I went to New Orleans for the night. I got some great paintings and had my first ever Hurricane.
  • Sweet 16!

    Sweet 16!
    I went to LA for my 16th birthday. Las Cruces is only about 7 hours away so it was just a days drive. I went with my mom and my friend Alex and her mom. I had such a great time.
  • Senior Trip!

    Senior Trip!
    I went to England with the AP English class. It was amazing. We went to London, Bath, Stratford on Avon, The Lake District and a few other places. I did not want to come home.