Events in my life

  • I got my first puppy!

    • I was so excited I was getting my first dog. She was just a little puppy. Now she’s getting old. We got her for free and my dad and I agreed on naming her Daisy.
  • My first real vacation

    My first vacation-My family and I went on vacation to Pomme De Terre Lake a camp ground. It was so fun. I loved it!
  • My first party!

    It was my brother’s big graduation party. There was a bunch of people there. We were listening to the stereo it was AMAZING!
  • My favorite Christmas

    I got everything I wanted for Christmas. Then we were going to my uncle’s house. I got to see my uncle that lives in Indiana. I don’t get to see him that often.
  • My dog got ran over.

    • I was on my way to my softball game with my brother’s behind us. My dog always followed us out of the driveway and would turn around and go back home. Well she only had one eye and when she turned she didn’t see my brother’s truck and he hit her. She died. I was really upset.
  • I got my first horse.

    She was a 23 year old paint horse. She was old and was kind of hard to ride but she was mine. I got her for free from some people we knew.
  • My dad got sick.

    • My dad got sick and was put in the hospital. He was in there for a week until they figured out that he had kidney failure. It was a bad experience for me because it wasn’t fun
  • My niece was born

    My niece was born- On Cinco De Mayo my niece was born. She was so cute. They named her Lilee Elaine Minzes.
  • My horse died.

    Her name was Glory. She was really getting old and skinny. She fell and wouldn’t stand back up. I was sad and I sat with her. She couldn’t get up and I was scared. I sat with her for about 2 hours. Then she died. I was crying really hard. We had someone come and bury her.
  • I got paid!

    I got paid about $200 for throwing hay with my brother’s Shawn and Bryan. The farmers we put the hay up for paid me $200 but it didn’t come easy that was A LOT of hard work