French Revolution- Austin Haas

By haaskrm
  • Period: to

    Finacial Troubles and Economic Reform

    Louis XIV left France in a great deal of debt after the "Seven years war". Durning the 1700s money was spent on lavish courts. By 1789, hafe of the taxes was spent on intrest of the enormous debt. also in 1780s, a bad harvest sent food prices sorring. Louis XVI chose Jacques Necker as a advisor. When Necker adviced the king to tax the first and second estate, the nobles dismissed him. However, the king did call apone the Estates General, which gave equal repersentaion in goverment
  • Louis XVI calls Estates General

    Louis XVI calls Estates General
    Louis XVI called the estates general. The estates general was called because people of France were unhappy with the way the government was being run. All 3 estates prepared notebooks listing their wants. Men delegates of the 3rd estate who owned property could vote others could not, this caused uproars in the goverment.
  • Storming of The Bastille

    Storming of The Bastille
    A angry crowed of over 800 Parisians ( residents of Paris, France) marched to The Bastille, Which was a high sucrarty prison that was believed to be holding weapons and gun powder. When entery to the fort was denied the crowed became vilont and were fired apon. In the battel that followed, the crowd would gain control of the fort, killing is camptain and 5 ofther guards.
  • National Assembly Act

    National Assembly Act
    The majority of The National Assembly was made up of nobles voted to end their own privileges for the good of the revoloution They agreed to give up their old .manorial dues, exclusive hunting rights, special legal status, and exemption from taxes.
  • Threats From Abroad

    Threats From Abroad
    Prussia and Austria form a temperary alience and move forth the Declaration of Pilnitz. When France heard word of this they nervious nervous of a war the werent prepared for. The Declaration might have been a bluff but revolutionaries took it seriuosly.
  • Women March on Versilles

    Women March on Versilles
    6,000 women marched from Paris to Versailles in the pouring down rain. And they demanded to see the king. But the kind didnt come out or give them any attention.
  • Period: to

    Monarchy is Abolished

    The monarchy that head lead France for the countless years saw the same fait as all the others who were found to be against the revolution. Starting with Louie XIV and then the queeen,
  • Period: to

    Reign of Terror

    Reign of TerrorMaximilien Robespierre is the leader of a new commitee called Committee of Public Safety in a movment of useing fear and exicution to control anti-revolutionist. The Guilloianput thousands. At its peak it saw 800 lay under the blade a month
  • 3rd Stage of the Revolution

    3rd Stage of the Revolution
    A third constitution in reaction to the Terror was written. The Constitution set up a five-man Directory and a two-house legislature elected by male citizens of property. Prussia and Spain settle in peace, bread riots arise again but are quicky put down
  • Spread of Nationalisum

    Spread of Nationalisum
    Nationalism. a stong feeling of pride in ones country. This idea of nationlism is spread throughout France. French people attented civic festivals of dances and songs of the nation and revolution.