French Revolution Timeline

  • Period: to

    Deficit spending by the govenment and Economic Reform

    American Revolution WarAt this time the government was in debt by deficit spending both the seven years war and American Revoultion drained there money, and they were spending more than what they took in. The government was broken into 3 estates the clergy, nobles, then middle class and peasants. The only people to pay taxes was the third esate to try to help pay off the debt, but not the first and second estates.
  • Louis XVI Calls the Estates-General

    Louis XVI Calls the Estates-General
    The spending of the government has gone too hight so King Louis XVI is forced to higher financial aid. So he hires a guy name Jaque Necker. Jaque tells him to meet with the estates gernal which is a big deal because they havent met for 175 years. So Louis has all 3 estates write a notebook on there grievances. When the meeting is held the 3rd estate wants to vote by a head count not just by who owns land. SInce this wasnt possible they took a risk and called themselve the natural assembly.
  • Louis XVI meets with Estates-General 2

    They discussed the issues themselves but after the natural assembly hall was locked they found a new place in a indoor tennis court which led to the tennis court oath.
  • Storming The Bastille

    Storming The Bastille
    On July 14,1789 800 perians assemble oustide the Batille and demanded weapons and the prisioners out. The commander would not let them in so the went to battle with the Bastille and broke there way in. The persians killed 5 guards and the commander and let out some prisoners, but found no weapons or ammo
  • Church under state control

    Church under state control
    The National Assembly puts the catholic church under state contro with the civil constitution of the clergy. This made bishops and preist become elected salaried officials. The bishops and priests became very angry at this and refused to follow the constitution
  • Threats From Abroad

    Threats From Abroad
    The King of Prussia and the emperror of Austria issued decleration of Pilnitz. It stated that the two monarchs threatened to intervene to protect the french monarchy. Even though it may have been mostly a bluff, revolutionaries in France took it seriously and prepared for war
  • Decleration of the RIghts of Man

    Decleration of the RIghts of Man
    National assembly formed a document called the Decleratiojn of the Rights of Man. This document was very similar to the united states Decleration Of Independence. It stated that men should have all equal rights just like the thoughts of John Locke.
  • Constitution of 1791

    Constitution of 1791
    This constitution, made the the National Assembly, set up a limited monarch instead of absolute monarch. The New legislative asswmbly had the power to make laws, collect taxes, and decide issues. The also replace the old provinces with 83 equal sized ones. This ensured equality before law
  • Period: to

    Radicals declare war

    san-cullotAs ecomonic problems increase and get worse more problems rise. In Paris san-cullots pushed revolution into more radical action. By 1791 san-cullots demanded a republic instead of a monarch. Jacobin, middle class lawyer, used pamphlets and sympathetic newspaper to advance republican cause. Soon words turned into war between french revolutionaries and European monarchs. The first declared war on Austria, prussia, britian then other states. Fighting lasted on and off till 1815
  • Womens March

    Womens March
    Women Marched in the rain from Paris to Versaillies because they were extremely made at queen Maria Antoinette's lavish living. When the got they arrived at the palace the huge crowd of women stormed the royal palace and and got to King Louis and Queen Maria Antoinette and brought them back to paris
  • Period: to

    Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

    Robespierre a lawyer and politician rose to leadership in the commitee of public safety. He embraced Rossau's idea of general will as the source of ligitimate law. He wanted to abolish slavery and had religous toleration, because of this he became popular with the san-cullotts. He believed that France could acheive a republic of virtue though terror. Since he believed this he became the chief architect of a new killing machine called the guillotine.
  • Period: to

    Robespierre and the Reign of Terror 2

    guillotine300,000 people were killed during the regn of Terror.17,00 were execute by the guillotine many because of mistaken identity. People then turned to the commitee of public safety to stop the reign of terror. Then on the night of July 27,1974 Robespierre was arrested and the next day executed. Execution slowed dramatically after his death.
  • Period: to

    Third stage of the Revolution

    [riots](<a href='' >Decleration</a>Moderates started moving away from the excesses of the convention, they produced another constitution, The Constitution of 1795. This set up a 5 man directory and had two houses of legislature. Proffesional people of Bourgerisil and middle class held power from 1795-1799. Peace was made with Prussia and Spain, but war contibnued with Austria and Great Britian. With bread prices rising the san-cullots rioted but the directory suppressed them.
  • Period: to

    Third stage in the Revolution 2

    As chaos threatened, politicians turned towards a popular miltiary leader Napoleon Bonapate hoping he would help them. He would soon outwit them to become the leader of France.
  • Spread of Nationalism

    Spread of Nationalism
    Nationalism. a stong feeling of pride in ones country. This idea of nationlism is spread throughout France. French people attented civic festivals of dances and songs of the nation and revolution. From the port city of Mersailles troops marched to a new song. It urged children of hte fatehrland to march against the bloody banner of Tyranny. This song was called "La Marseilles" and became Frances national anthem