Angie Huyett French Rev.

  • Period: to

    Louis XIV and Louis XV

    Louis XIV were not the right men to solve the ecomomis crisis that afflicted France. Louis XV ran up more depths. Louis XIV was well meaning but weak and indecisive. So he wisely hired Jacques Necker for his financial expert.
  • Womens rights

    Womens rights
    Olympw de Gouges, a journalist demanded equal rights in her declaration of the rights of women and female citzitizins.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    On this day the city of Paris seized the spotlight from the national assembly. Since then this has been Bastille day which is there independence day.
  • march to Versailles

    march to Versailles
    6,000 women marched from Paris to Versailles in the pouring down rain. And they demanded to see the king. But the kind didnt come out or give them any attention.
  • Deficit spending by the government

    Deficit spending by the government
    Economic woes in france added to the social unrest and heightened tensions. One of the causes of the economic troubles was mushrooming financial crisis that was due in part to years of deficit spending. This occurs when government spends more money than it takes in.
  • The king and queen

    The king and queen
    The king and queen where sent away to paris by a mob of citizins to live and to rule in paris.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    The national Assembly setted up a limited monarchy in place of the absolutre monarchy.
  • Parisians

    A crowed of Parisians stormed the palace of the Tuileries and slaughtered the kings gaurds. Attacks from ordinary citizins fired to fury by read and imainged grevenes continued, radicals take conrtol of the assembly. And king Lous XIV is executed.
  • prisons

    Citizins attacked prisons that held nobles and priests accused of plitical offenses. About 1,200 prisoners where killed.
  • Period: to

    Robespierre and Rousseau

    Robespierre was a lawyer and politician. He agreed with the ideas of Rousseau. This was the time of reign of terror. Durring this time 300,00 people where aressted and 17,000 where executed. on July 2nd Robespierre was arreasted and excuted the next day. After his death less people where being executed.
  • New Constituiton

    New Constituiton
    Moving away from the excesses of the conventio, moderates produced anothe constitution. In the elections of 1797 supporters of a constitutional monarchy won the majority of sons in legasliative.