My Life and Events In It

  • Date of Birth

    I was born in Springfield, Missouri.
  • My sister is born

    My sister is born
    My sister Lauren was born in October of 1992. She is a big part of my life, we are very close.
  • First Move

    First Move
    We made our first, but not the last move to Michigan!
  • First Day of Pre-K

    First Day of Pre-K
    On my first day of Pre-K, I met my best friend Karli, who is still my best friend today.
  • My tonsils are removed!

  • My first cat

    My first cat
    In 1996, we welcomed our first cat Binky into our home.
  • Move to Tennessee

    Move to Tennessee
    We moved to Chattanooga, Tennesse in the winter of 2001.
  • Snow!

    It snowed in Tennessee a month after we moved, very rare for Tennessee!
  • My Second Cat!

    My Second Cat!
    We got Bobby in the le on summer of 2003 while on vacation!
  • First time at Lighthouse

    First time at Lighthouse
    Our family joined Lighthouse United Methodist Church after moving Tennessee. This picture shows my family and the pastor's family.
  • My first job!

    My first job!
    My first job was at Chick-Fil-A when I was a junior in highschool!
  • Church Christmas Play

    Church Christmas Play
    Every year that my sister and I lived in Tennessee, we were involved in the annual church play during Christmas time!
  • New Years!

    New Years!
    Our family loves to celebrate New Years every year with a party and lots of food!
  • Graduation from Ooltewah High School.

  • First Year in College!

    First Year in College!
  • Binky passes away.

    Binky passes away.
    In December of 08, my first cat, Binky, had to be put down because she had kidney disease.
  • Move to Mobile, Alabama

    Move to Mobile, Alabama
    In 2009, we moved again to Mobile, Alabama.
  • First Day at the University of South Alabama

  • Favorite Concert!

    Favorite Concert!
    I got to see my favorite band for the first time!
  • Shrimp Festival!

    Shrimp Festival!
    My family Attended the Shrimp Festival in the summer of 2009.