My Immediate Family

  • My Mother was born

    Mom was born in Greenwood, Mississippi
  • Period: to

    Immediate Family Tree

  • My Daddy was born

    My Daddy was born in Hope, Arkansas
  • Mom and Dad married

    They were married in Lewisville, Arkansas
  • My Birthday

    I was born in Texarkana, Texas
    at Wadley Hospital
  • My Sister Courtney's Birthday

    Courtney was born in Hope, Arkansas
  • Kindergarten

    When I started school
  • Changed school districts

    I began going to a different school
  • College Begins

    I started college courses in the 9th grade so I could graduate from high school faster.
  • HS Graduation

    Yay!! Last day of high school!
  • Sister gets married

    My little sister gets married and I finally have a brother!
  • I get married

    My husband and I elope. :)
  • Stepmom

    I become a stepmom to my husband's daughter, Brooklyn, who is 7 at the time of our marriage.
  • My Mother has another baby

    His name is Oscar Wassa Lively.
  • 2nd Deployment

    National GuardI got my husband back after a year in Iraq
  • Moved

    We moved from our home in Hope, Arkansas to Mobile, Alabama
  • USA

    Classes at USA begin!!