monica's timeline

  • My brithday.

    My brithday.
    I was born at 12:13pm on March 20, 1995 in North York Hospital. I was 9 pounds when i was born and my mom toldme that the nurse the weighed me thought that the scale was broken and had to weigh me on 3 different scales before recording my weight.
  • First trip to Hong Kong .

    First trip to Hong Kong .
    My first trip to Hong Kong to meet my family members, but I was so young back then I don't even remember what happened during this trip. I got to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time.
  • First day of school at O.M Mackillop P.S

    First day of school at O.M Mackillop P.S
    The first elementary school I attended. I started going here when I was 4 and my teacher was called Ms.Feldtstone and I made my first friends here. All of my classes in this school was a split class except for my grade 3 class. My grade 3 teacher was called Mr.Grey and he actually ended up moving to my new school as well and taught me in grade 7 and 8,
  • First roadtrip ever to New Brunswick !

    First roadtrip ever to New Brunswick !
    My first roadtrip ever with my family. We drove all the way to New Brunswick and we stopped by a lot of places along the way like Quebec City and Montreal. In New Brunswick we did a lot of things like dolphine & whale watching, going on Magnetic Hill, visitng the Bay of Fundy and more.
  • Started learning piano .

    Started learning piano .
    I started to learn piano around grade 5. My teacher's name is Jacky Cheung and I'm still taking lessons from her. I started out not knowing anything and about 4-5 years later I'm in level 8 piano. I recently completed my level 7 practical exam and my written Ruidements exams (Basic and Advanced) which i got 100% on both times. I hope that one day I will make it to the end and finish piano at level 10.
  • First day of school at Redstone P.S

    First day of school at Redstone P.S
    My second elementary school that I attended. I moved to this school the year it opened and this is the school that I graduated from. At this school met a lot of close friends that I still talk to and I was really involved with activities in this school. I often went to events and volunteered to help during events as well. It was also in this school that I learned how to play the flute and learned the basics of playing the guitar.
  • Started playing the flute .

    Started playing the flute .
    I joined band this year and got to learn how to play the flute which I always wanted to do. I started out struggling to just make a sound but then afterwards I finally could make proper and perfect pitched notes. I was really excited when I could finally play a song and my favourite songs to perform were Star Wars and The Flinstones. I stayed in band all the way up to grade 8.
  • Grade 8 graduation !

    Grade 8 graduation !
    The day I graduated we went to the Richmond Hill Country Club. I remember we got there kind of late so I had to run to get into the grade picture. Afterwards we went to attened the award ceremony but the ceremony went on a bit too long so it cut into our dinner time. Our dinner was pretty good and we had a really good dessert. We had a Much Music Video Dance that we funraised for but we only had time to dance for half an hour because of the ceremony. It was a really fun night!
  • Received english award at grade 8 grad .

    Received english award at grade 8 grad .
    During my grade 8 graduation I was expecting an award but the first award to be given out was the english award and I was really surprised when our librarian called out my name. I was really happy and afterwards she had told me that my teacher had given her my work to read and she liked it. I also got the Award of Excellece that night as well.
  • First day of high school at Richmond Green SS

    First day of high school at Richmond Green SS
    My first day of high school ever at Richmond Green Secondary School. I remember that it was grade 9's only so there weren't as many people in the school. On my first day, I couldn't open my locker because I had later found out that they gave me the wrong combination to my locker. So for the whole day I couldn't use my locker and had to carry around my stuff while looking kind of crazy trying to get into my locker.
  • Got my braces off !

    Got my braces off !
    I got my braces on around grade 7 and I had to get 4 teeth pulled out to get them on. The first week I had braces, my teeth really hurt but eventually I got used to them. I had my braces on during grade 7, 8 and 9. During summer school where I took history, I finally got my braces removed! I got a retainer as well and it's the kind that fits around my teeth.