Karan's Timeline

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    My Timeline

    This is a timeline documenting major events that has happened in my life. These moments really are significant moments that has shaped and changed me into this unique indivisual girl today. My name is Karan Huynh and this is my timeline.
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    First Day of Kindergarten
    The event that I am able to recall the easiest from my childhood is my first day of kindergarten for sure. When my first day of school finally came, all I brought to school was a cute koala bear stuffed animal. When it was lunchtime, my mom got phoned to pick me up because she didn't pack me a lunch. My day was cut short but it really changed me because it gave me a lot of new "firsts". It was my first time making friends, going to school, and being independent!
  • First Day Of Chinese School

    First Day Of Chinese School
    Since I come from a chinese background, my mom enrolled me in chinese classes along with my cousin Silken. Our chinese school was held at Woodbine High School near Fairview mall. I attended chinese school from kindergarten until grade 5. I was able to learn how to read, write, speak, and listen to traditional mandarin. I didn't get the best grades though but it really gave me a language skill. My friends are amazed that I know mardarin so well considering I don't speak it at home.
  • Day I Met My BFF!

    Day I Met My BFF!
    The first day of grade 1 was the day I met Samantha Mok. She is my best friend in the whole wide world. We just connect to each other so well! We share everything together and I'm so lucky to have her in my life. We went swimming, skating, rock climbing, skiiing together, everything together. We went through our ups and downs but we are still best friends. It was sad when she moved away in grade 6 and even though we live so far away from each other, we are still close as ever!
  • First Family Vacation

    First Family Vacation
    Apparently my mom spent months planning for our family vacation to Cambodia and Viet Nam, but I didn't know about it until the last 3 weeks. It was my first time ever being on a plane and being out of the country. During that vaction, I went to Vancouver, Hong Kong,Cambodia, and Viet Nam. I was able to meet my grandfather for the first time along with my aunts and cousins! There was a whole entire culture I was able to experience and it really opened my interests for world culture!
  • Cross Country!

    Cross Country!
    When I went to Milliken Mills P.S., I was on the cross-country team. I never ran track outside of gym so I don't know why I signed up for cross country. I attended practices every Tuesday and Thursday after school for an hour and a half for practices. On Friday, October 21st, 2005, I recieved 20th place out of 300 girls at the cross country meet. It was the highest I ever recieved. Thanks to cross country, I am an excellent long distance runner and running is my favourite sport!
  • First Chinese School Award

    First Chinese School Award
    I attended chinese school since kindergarten and sadly to say, I've never won an award. On the other hand, my cousin who's name is Silken won quite a few. During my 5th grade of chinese school, I finally won something for my achievments. It was for a writing contest and I won first place! For my first time winning a medal, I'd have to say it wasn't a half bad job. It really gave me a sense of accomplishment and it really showed my efforts. It's hanging on my wall to this day.
  • Glasses

    I play on the computer a lot and I guess over time, my eyesight got worse. I started to notice my unclear vision in grade 7 and I had to sit at the front of the class to be able to see the board. It wasn't the summer of grade 7 that I got my glasses. I really didn't mind the look of glasses on me and I still don't. I actually dont need to wear my glasses all the time, but I choose to wear them anyways. I've been called names because of my glasses but I love them and thats all that matters.
  • My First Move

    My First Move
    My family used to live in Markham but my mom decided to buy a bigger and brand new house in Richmond Hill. Although I was sad to leave my old school and my friends, I promised myself that I'd be able to make new friends and learn to love my new life in Richmond Hill. I attended Milliken Mills P.S. from kindergarten to grade 7. I love my current house and all the additional friends I've made in Richmond Hill. Moving from cities really taught me to love all places life throws at me! ♥
  • Grade 8 Graduation

    Grade 8 Graduation
    I've had so many heartfelt memories from public school. Macleod's Landing Public School (my public school) had it's graduation at Oak View Terrance Reception Centre. This night was sure full of memories. I was nominated for four subjects and won the math award. I recieved my diploma that evening and although the night was full of laughter and tears, it really hit me that I was about to start a new chapter in my life as I prepare for what high school has to bring!
  • Highschool

    My home highschool was King City but I transfered to Richmond Green. I picked out an outfit and I remembered that I coulndn't sleep the whole night before grade 9 day. It was my first time being in a school that was so big. Everyone told me that highschool was scary but because of my new friends and awesome teachers, I feel that highschool isn't as scary as everyone says it's to be. Highschool as a learning environment is quite different than public school but so far I'm loving it!