my life

  • birth day

    I was born in Anglewood, California
  • My sister was born

    My sister is born she is also born in Anglewood, California
  • move to Colorado

    We moved to Colorado becuase my uncle offered us to live with him and my mom wanted a better place for us
  • my little brother is born

    my little brother is born we were so happy cuase finally we had a boy in the family
  • i start 2 grade

    it was my first day in staying in the bus and i got picked on by a boy he threw milk at my head
  • my fourth grade teacher

    I finally start 4th grade and i thought i was going to get a mean teacher but it resulted that she was the best
  • my first day of 6th grade

    I finally get out of elemantry school and go to middle school. I remeber i was so scared but it resulted to be fun
  • go to the first school dance

    i went to my first school dance. It was so fun excpt our hunted house got burned down so i couldent get in it
  • finally start 8th grade

    i start 8th grade the best of all and finally we were the biggest of the whole school
  • first time going clubbing

    It was my first time going clubbing with my moms friends it was so fun i didnt go to sleep till late and i didnt go to school the next day