Lhanzi's Personal / Worldly Timeline

  • Lhanzi's BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!

    Lhanzi's BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!
    Little baby Lhanzi was born on this day.
  • Apple Inc Releases iTunes

    Apple Inc Releases iTunes
    When Apple announced iTunes, it changed the world by not needing CD's as much as people used to. Many people like iTunes better because you don't have to buy a CD for $15 if you only like 1 or 2 of the songs on the track. With iTunes, you have to buy each song for 99 cents instead of buying a whole album for $15. This is why the world has changed because of iTunes.
  • Having a Younger Brother

    Having a Younger Brother
    My brother being born has a huge impact on my life because I learned to share, and how to deal with annoying people politely. For example, my brother has broken alot of special items in my bedroom by accident and sometimes on purpose. I have learned from these experiences that there is no point at screaming at someone because you will get in trouble anyways.
  • 911 Terrorist Attack

    911 Terrorist Attack
    911 was when terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the Pentagon and the New York Trade Center causing it to collapse. Many people were killed that day and the world became scared. This has changed the world because now everyone is more careful to prevent this from happening again. One example of this, is that in the airport you have to go through customs now incase you are secretly hiding a bomb. Some people even think that if you are muslim, you are a terrorist.
  • First Book

    First Book
    The first book I read by myself was an Arthur book . I was very excited to read the book because I loved the tv shows and I wondered if the book would be the same. At first, I felt that reading was so boring and difficult but after awhile I understood the meaning of the story and found it exciting. Since then, I have always found reading interesting or exciting whether or not it was a good book .
  • Apple Inc Releases iPhone

    Apple Inc Releases iPhone
    Apple Inc releases the iPhone which has impacted the world by giving people tiny computers in their hands. You can also play music without needing a CD so people don't buy as many CD's as they used to. The iPhone is also very handy for using the internet when you don't have a computer around but some people use it anyways even if there is one which has decreased the amount of computers being used.
  • First Time Down Double Black Diamond Hill

    First Time Down Double Black Diamond Hill
    On Jan.15, 2007, I had my first ski lessons for the season. This was my second year of ski lessons and I went into a class a little too advanced for me. I had to go down a double black diamond hill, lost control,and hurt my leg by twisting it.This is a lasting impact on my life because now I don't go down hills that are too advanced or I go down them very slowly.
  • Mastering my Favourite Piano Piece

     Mastering my Favourite Piano Piece
    Two years ago, I mastered my favourite piano piece called Dreamcatcher. It was really hard for my level at the time and I felt like giving up. My parents kept on encouraging me to keep practicing. One day, I played Dreamcatcher perfectly and soon after that, I signed up for the talent show at my old school which turned out well. I learned that if I keep on trying, I can accomplish almost anything so now I do the best I can at everything I try. (well,not exactly everything)
  • Barack Obama Elected as Pres. of The US

    Barack Obama Elected as Pres. of The US
    Barack Obama is the first African - American President of the US. This has impacted the world by giving people a different view on African people. Most people think that black people are criminals and gangsters but when Obama got elected president, that showed that black people can handle huge responsibilities like being the leader of a country.