Sams personal\worldy timeline

By sburke
  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born.
  • Period: to

    My personal\worldly timeline

  • Dad and mom go into quarantine

    Dad and mom go into quarantine
    My dad was the first to go into quarntine since our Aunt Minn may have been in contact with Sars and by seeing her so may have my dad. So my dad stayed in quarntine in our basement when my mom came downstairs to say goodmorning only to also be in contact with Sars( they didn`t actually have Sars). This is what showed me having noone to really take of you is like.
  • First time coming first in soccer

    First time coming first in soccer
    Coming first in soccer showed me what pride feels like
  • Stitches Scene

    Stitches Scene
    When I was 5 I was swimming with my mom I cut myself on a broken glass at a rented cottage. I didn't notice this and kept swimming for 15 minutes. I got out of the water to find my toe cut open, so my mom put 2 bandaids and and drove me to the hospital 2 hours away. We waited 6 hours till a first day doctor came in to tell me he was ready. I then saw how lucky my life is and I should earn every minute of it.
  • 911

    A group of terrorists bombed the Twin Towers by highjacked planes. The towers collapsed and about 3000 people died. This put the world in a state of fear so strong security was upgraded, people were afraid to go on planes and the whole world became cautious.
  • Isreal trip

    Isreal trip
    The Isreal trip was a wonderful trip showing me historical buildings and cultural events. It also showed me how such beuaty can have turmoil.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is a website that shows you videos of music, events, sows, movies and more. This is an anchor that can show thousands of historical events.
  • USBs were invented

    USBs were invented
    USBs made saving documents,projects, videos, music, movies and more a lot easy. It also allowed saved items to be transported easy. This made impotant saved plans and documents a lot safer.
  • Afghanistan war

    Afghanistan war
    The Afghanistan is a war that is based on a terrorist gruop trying to change the culture of the country to their liking. This shows how countries like Canada and USA stand up for countries who can`t and also shows how by doing things for someone else, it gives you a good reputation. This goes for anyone or any country.