Connor H's Personal/Worldly Timeline

  • When I Was Born

    When I Was Born
    I was born.
  • Period: to

    my personal/ wordly timeline

  • My First Friend

    My First Friend
    when I made my first friend it changed me because he helped me through a lot of hard times and he’s still my friend today
  • Facebook Was Created

    Facebook Was Created
    when facebook was created it impacted the world because people can now interact with people across the world
  • Soldiers Weapons Fire Remotely

    Soldiers Weapons Fire Remotely
    When soldiers weapons were fired remotely it changed the world because it helped armies defeat their opponents. This also changed the world because it helped armies liberate countries so if this didnt happen then countries could be owned by different countries.
  • I Cracked My Head Open

    I Cracked My Head Open
    I was carrying a pole and i fell with it and it scalped my head. When I cracked my head open it changed me because when I use and carry poles for lots of different things I’m a lot more careful.
  • My First Soccer Goal

    My First Soccer Goal
    My first soccer goal changed me because it helped me still play soccer because after I knew I was good at it.
  • First Artificial Life

    First Artificial Life
    The first artificial life impacted the world because now everyday people use computers and calculators which are artificial life.
  • Earthquake in Haiti

    Earthquake in Haiti
    The earthquake in Haiti impacted the world because it was a poor country and then it got hit by an earthquake which made the world step up and help Haiti which says something about everone
  • My Best Friend Moved

    My Best Friend Moved
    When my best friend moved it changed me because when I have a really good friend and he’s close I learnt to never rely on them too much.