Events in my life (nikita)

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    events in my life until now.

  • I went bald

    I went bald
    What the title says. I went bald mainly because my mom is superstitisious and she thought it would bring me luck later on in life.
  • Moved from Montreal to Scarborough

    Moved from Montreal to Scarborough
    I lived in Montreal until I was three. It kind of influences me, to this day, to learn French so I can go back there at one point of my life and be able to speak the language that I would've learned if I hadn't moved.
  • Met my best friend, Nadine.

    Met my best friend, Nadine.
    I met Nadine the year we moved to Scarborough. Our dads worked together at novopharm and we met during a seminar that they went to. We were quick friends and still are friends even though she moved to California.
  • I fractured my arm

    I fractured my arm
    I fell off the monkey bars when Nadine and I went to the park after a sleepover at her house. I couldn't move my arm without it hurting but it was a fun day considering that after getting the cast we got to eat pizza and popsicles. I also got special treatment which always puts a smile on anyones face.
  • I was in New York when the twin towers collapsed

    I was in New York when the twin towers collapsed
    I was about 6 years old when this happened. I didn't understand why people were making such a big fuss over buildings breaking down. I just wanted to go home but we weren't allowed to until 4 days after.
  • My sister was born.

    My sister was born.
    The day my sister was born, I was sent to Nadine's house to sleepover because I wasn't allowed to stay home alone. I got really homesick and wanted to meet my new sibling (I was hoping for a brother), but I had to wait until the next day to meet my newborn sister who was gorgeous even as a baby. :)
  • Moved to Richmond Hill

    Moved to Richmond Hill
    At first, I really didn't like it in Richmond Hill. I was the kid who had no friends and was really quiet. I was really self conscious as a child but, I made a lot of friends through the four years that I've been living here and I wouldn't change any of the years for anything.. not majorly anyways.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    I can't believe 15 years of my life have already passed by. I'm glad I'm in highschool and I love the friends and experiences I've had so far. I hope to use the remaining two and three quarters of my high school life to mold myself into someone that I would like to be when I'm older as well.