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My Life

By sumit
  • Birth date

    Birth date
    The day I was born, it was all dark and I couldnt understand anything, I was totally lost
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    My Life

  • First safari and seeing my first wildlife animal

    First safari and seeing my first wildlife animal
    In 1996, I had visted africa for the very first time, and this was one of my most important and significant event in my life. I had seen my first wildlife animal in a safari, the animal which i first saw was the elephant. Looking at this animal, it made me wonder why it is so huge, and because of this, the elephant is my favourite wild life animal.
  • My first school

    My first school
    My first school, at that point, I was in India. The first time I came to know about school, and what it would be like, I got really exicited and could not wait to go to school. As soon as I was walking to go to school, I had seen other students who were going to school as well, and they were crying, and because of this, I had also started crying for the fear of school
  • The day USA was in terrible shock

    The day USA was in terrible shock
    One of the worst moments, in USA history. USA's famous twin towers were gone. Airborne terror, has caused the loss of 3000 lifes. This is a day that no one can forget for generations.
  • Selected to play for cricket team

    Selected to play for cricket team
    The sport which I play for a passion, I had gotten selected to play for the junior, Indian national cricket team. This was one of my significant events, because it was my very first time, me playing cricket for a team.
  • Canada here I come!

    Canada here I come!
    Immigrating to Canada, was like starting a new life in a better place, mainly for the education and the kind of lifestyle Canada provides as new comers.
  • My first award in school

    My first award in school
    The day I had recieved my award, which was for the Honor Roll certificate, getting this award, felt really great, the main reason being is, that it was my first award in Canada, and still as a new comer to Canada, earning such an award is a great acheivement.
  • My first house

    My first house
    My first house in Markham, getting a new house is a great feeling because everything is new to you, and everything is yours, for example having your own back yard, rooms etc. Most importantly a bigger place which is all yours!
  • Computers

    Computers my second passion, I have always found computer a great technology, because its got everything you can think of. One of my hobby, is to take a look inside the computer cover and taking out all the parts and putting it back in. In life, I have been thinking about computer engeenering being my career.