Amanda Lee's Time Line

  • JUNAID's birhtday :)

  • Date of my Birth

    Date of my Birth
    I was born on June 16th, 1995 at North York General Hospital around 3:00 in the morning. I was born into a family of 4, at first, then three years later recieved a little brother. Now , I live in a family of five. I am the only girl child and also the middle child on the family. I am fully chinese and I have been living in the same house ever since i was born.
  • Period: to

    My life so far.

    This timeline contains some of the important events that happened in my life so far.
  • First day of School- JK

    At the age of 5, it was the first time that I ever went to school. I never went to day care, so I was pretty excited to go to school. I went to a private school, Richmond Hill Christian School , in a class of at least 20 people. I rememebered that in my JK year, we would always have nap time and snack time, which was my favorite part of the day.
  • Space Camp in Grade 5

    Space Camp in Grade 5
    Space Camp in grade 5 was definately a keeper. I went to Montreal and stayed in a capsule for 3 days . I was able to experience a non gravitaional wall, how its like to live in space, space food and to do a test run on how it is to fly a plane. I made many new friends there and the t-shirt that i recieved from the camp was pretty cool. The moment i enjoyed the most were the late nights I spent up till 3 in the morning with my friends. Talking, eating and having the best night of my life
  • Epic Dance

    Epic Dance
    Epic Dance 2010 at RGSS. First dance that I ever went to. One of the highlights of that night was the preparation before the dance. A couple friends and I had our facial done for our face and hair.It was one of the EPIC moments I had this year. I have to admit that the dance was not the best, but it was still fun. The DJ was pretty bad, but other than that,it was one of the best nights ever.
  • Elim Lodge Retreat! <3

    Elim Lodge Retreat! <3
    A three day trip with my church at a retreat called Elim Lodge, which is located up north, about 2 and a half hours away. One of the best experiences of my life. My friendship with the people there have grown a lot, and i was able to understand about life more and got to appreciate nature a lot more too. Three days was not enough.
  • RGSS Music Banquet 2010

    RGSS Music Banquet 2010
    Richmond Green Secondary School's Music Banquet of 2010. My first banquet that I ever went to at RGSS. In that course, I played the alto saxaphone, beginner class. This banquet took place at Le Parc in Thornhill.The two teachers that were teaching the music course were Mr, Cameron and Miss Sudy. Over 50 people were attending. One of the best nights of my life.
  • RGSS's Athletic Banquet

    RGSS's Athletic Banquet
    My first athletic banquet that I attended at RGSS. I was on the softball team 2010 and we didnt place, but we went to the playoffs and it was a first year team. One of the highlights of the night was the slide show and the amazing drinks they had there (: That night , I will never forget.
  • Grade 8 Graduation 2010

    Grade 8 Graduation 2010
    June, 18, 2010 was the graduation of my grade 8 year. I came from a private school and have been going there ever since I was in JK. There were many memories that I will never forget. One of my highlight moments in my grade 8 year was the gradauation trip I had for 3 days and two nights at Niagra Fall. My favorite moment was the haunted house I went to. It never gets old.
  • Last Day of My Niner Year

    Last Day of My Niner Year
    Goodbye Niner Year. My Grade 9 year was definately the best year i had so far. I was able to meet so many people, join clubs, school events and banquets. I can safely say that my niner year changed me, and made me become the person who I am today. Even though my grade 9 year had its up and downs, that year will be cherished forever.