My Experiences

By wolf12
  • I Was Born

    I was born at 2:20 am.
  • 1st steps

    I started walking.
  • Eye Surgery

    I had eye surgery when I was 2 years old.
  • My Little Sister

    My little sister, Carissa was born.
  • Rascal

    I got my 1st dog when I was 4 years old and named her Rascal. She was a very friendly yellow lab. She was about a foot tall when we got her. She was the best dog ever.
  • Soccer

    I started playing Soccer.
  • My Uncles Wedding

    My Uncles Wedding
    I was in my uncles wedding. I was the ring bear.
  • Easter

    I finally found my basket in the most obvious place.
  • The Milwaukee Zoo

    The Milwaukee Zoo
    When I went to the Milwaukee Zoo I saw peacocks, hippo, elephants, tigers, goats and robot dinosaurs.
  • My Halloween Party

    My Halloween Party
    I was wearing a gorilla costume for my 2nd grade Halloween party. Me and my friend Caleb had a lot of fun.
  • Michigan

    Me and my family croossed the Mackinac bridge to get to Michigan. We went to visit my grandma in Alpena.
  • Snickers

    My mom and dad bought another dog named Snickers. We got her for an early Christmas present when she was 2 months old. She is really adorable. She has brown, black and white fur and a curly tail. And now I have another pet.
  • Green Belt

    I earned my green belt in Tae Kwon Do. I broke 2 boards that were an inch thick.
  • Middle School

    I started 6th grade at the Pulaski Comunity Middle School.