My Life

Timeline created by 17miwoodworth
  • I was born

    I was born
    I was born May 17 1999
  • Mackinac

    The time I went to Mackinac Island. I loved to play in the water. I called a cow a moo moo. Overall I loved it in Mackinac Island.
  • My Grandma died

    Me and my Grandma were very close
  • My big brother broke and fracshered his arm 2005

  • I broke my collar bone

  • My dog

    My dog
    My dog died in 2008 it was so sad I cried for a long time. I was at camp Batawgama. My dad had to put her to sleep she was suffering and my dad did not want me to see her when she was dead. She is still in my heart and she always will.
  • Dirt bike

    I got my first dirt bike .
  • I went to the Dells for my first time in 2009

    I finaly got to go to the dells for my first time .I went to the wilderness. The hurrican was my favorite ride
  • My brother shot his first bear

    My brother shot  his first bear
  • Cabin fire

    My cabin burnt down .
  • New puppy

    I got a new puppy named Baily